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Vertucci Root Canal Classification Essay

 Root canal anatomy classification

Vertucci classification

Sert and Bayiril classification

Gulabivala supplemental canal configurations

Weine classification

Walker classification

Yeung Yi Hsu isthmi classification

Nomenclature molar root canals

If you want a print out of all the classificatins together on one word file for a reference click here

Internal root canal anatomy



Lower molars

Amazing team doing tons of micro-CT research http://www.rootcanalanatomy.blogspot.com/


Interesting work of http://www.dental-tribune.com/articles/specialities/endodontics/31975_interview_the_immense_variability_of_human_tooth_anatomy.html


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Knowledge of root and root canal morphology is a prerequisite for effective non-surgical and surgical endodontic treatments. The external and internal morphological features of roots are variable and complex, and several classifications have been proposed to define the various types of canal configurations that occur commonly. More recently, improvements in non-destructive digital image systems, such as cone-beam and micro-computed tomography, as well as the use of magnification in clinical practice, have increased the number of reports on complex root canal anatomy. Importantly, using
these newer techniques, it has become apparent that it is not possible to classify many root canal configurations using the existing systems. The purpose of this article is to introduce a new classification system that can be adapted to categorize root and root canal configurations in an accurate, simple and reliable manner that can be used in research, clinical practice and training.

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