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Do The Right Thing Essay

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Director and actor Spike Lee presents his "truth" about race relations in his movie Do the Right Thing. The film exhibits the spectacle of black discrimination and racial altercations. Through serious, angry, and loud sounds, Lee stays true to the ethnicity of his characters, all of which reflect their own individualism. Lee uses insulting diction and intense scenes to show how severe racism can lead to violence.
The disturbing scene where different nationalities badger their opinions on each other shows poor communication and horrible stereotyping. This is an example of antilocution. Pino's Italian slang, Mookies black talk, and Korean obscenities are all mixed together to show how communication grows impossible among different…show more content…

The burning of Sal's Famous Pizzeria will leave an imprint in the minds of anyone who watches. When Sal smashes Raheem's radio, the tension turns to uproar. Total bedlam occurs within minutes after the death of Raheem by the city police. This could be a physical attack on both sides. Both of the actions taken by Radio Raheem and Sal were uncalled for.
Mookie performed a heroic contribution as he shifted the fighting away from Sal and towards Sal's Pizzeria. In fact Mookie saved Sal's life in the midst of everything. In the middle of the chaos the Korean man says, "I'm black, you, me, the same." This reflects how people in society try to fit into certain groups that seem to be the right thing to do at the moment.
Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing focuses on scenes representing failed communication, dire stereotyping, absence of trust, and wrongful violence that reflects the existing concerns about racism in America. The intense language and strong gestures enhance the film creating a realistic view for the audience.
I would give this movie a five star rating. Do the Right Thing, is to the point and entertaining with a serious view of the world. There are no absolute heroes or villains. There are no easy answers to the questions that this film poses. Do the Right Thing is one of the best-directed, best made films of our time, a film in which the acting and visual style work together to make a statement about race in America. It is also bound to enrage

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Do the right thing movie essay

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