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A Kindergartner will need prompting in their first steps of reading.

Before beginning to read, a Kindergartner should know the alphabet and begin to know the sound of each letter. With guidance, kindergarten students will recognize types of text such as upper and lowercase letters and match letters to sounds. In addition, this reader will be guided to identify characters and the relationships of the pictures with the story. The new reader should also be able to ask and answer questions stories and specifically question any unknown words.

The beginning writer, prints both upper and lowercase letters, uses common nouns and verbs and uses the basic rules of English. This writer expresses an opinion about a story by drawing, dictating or writing about it. In this grade, writing students will receive guidance in the organization and development of their story.

Speaking and Listening

Students at this age will converse with their diverse group of peers about Age-appropriate subjects. When listening to conversations and/or any verbally presented information, these students will also learn to ask questions. They will learn show and tell and be asked to present their topic/subject and explain clearly and with detail.

Language Conventions

The kindergarten students will show, when writing, he/she knows to use capitalized words, questions, nouns and verbs and when writing or speaking be able to form a complete sentence.


DoYourHomeworkArizona.org is a free tool created by Stand for Children Arizona to help parents better understand homework related to Arizona’s new academic standards in math and English in grades Kindergarten – 8th Grade.

To help students meet the expectations of the College and Career Ready Standards, educators will need to pursue, with equal intensity, three aspects of rigor in the major work of each grade: conceptual understanding, applications, procedural skill and fluency.

As an organization that works with parents every day in Arizona schools, Stand understands the challenges parents face as they try to help their children approach concepts in a new way.

However, while this approach is new it does not mean that it is bad. In fact, a majority of Arizona teachers support it. The goal of these new standards is to challenge our students to do more with what they learn both inside and outside of the classroom as they prepare for future educational success as well as diverse careers. It’s about teaching kids the “why” and not just the “how.”

As parents, we know that you may also need some help with the “how.” We hope this site provides the much needed support to help your child succeed. While it will not answer every question you might have, we hope it answers a few…and helps ease some of the frustration that comes along with learning new things.

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