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Inter Class Contemporary Dance Competition

“There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them.”

An Inter Class Group Contemporary Dance Competition for the students of Step I was held on March 8,2018 in the School Auditorium. The li’l ones in their colourful attire and with beautiful props enthralled one and all with their well-choreographed dance sequences and provided thorough entertainment with their graceful and energetic moves. It was a difficult task for the judges to decide on the winners as each and every class came up with wonderful performance.

The result of the competition is given below :

First Position: Step I Cherries

Second Position: Step I Strawberries, Step I Plums

Third Position: Step I Peaches, Step I Mulberries

Congratulations to all the winners and big thanks to all the parents for their support.

TIHS celebrates the festival of happiness and togetherness.

The festival of Holi brings so much joy and gaiety. And let the Almighty paint the canvas of our life with colours of success, good health and prosperity.


The Indian Heights School celebrated the festival of brotherhood and togetherness amidst playful exchange of gulal and savouring the festive sweets. The festival is also symbolic of bidding goodbye to the winter season and marks the advent of New Year.  The entire TIHS fraternity greeted each other with a dash of pink, yellow and green spreading the hues of happiness. The school Principal Ms. Archana Narain also wished the entire staff a safe, vibrant and Happy Holi. The School Management also conveyed their festive greetings and a year filled with prosperity and loads of success ahead.

National Science Day

“Always question, Always wonder.”

To mark the discovery of the ‘Raman Effects’ on February 28, 1928, by Indian Physicist, Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman, National Science Day is celebrated in India every year. Through this celebration a message is widely spread about the importance of science used in the daily life of the people and efforts and achievements in the field of science for human welfare.
As, Astronomy is the mother of all sciences so, to popularize Science and Technology, Students of class III participated in Safe Solar Observations using safe observation methods in their Astronomy classes. They also made Ball Projector which is one of the safest method to observe Sun.


Book launch ‘Education Hub’ and Seminar on ‘Impact of Social Media on Students Life’ at TIHS

‘Social media as a key involves everyone to listen, engage, and build relationships.’

It has always been our constant endeavour to  nurture and supplement the learners with  knowledge and hands on experience to refine their holistic development. With this objective in the forefront, the students from classes VI to IX attended an interactive session on ‘Impact of Social Media on Students Life’. The Guest Speaker Mr. S.S. Dogra acquainted the students about the pros and cons of social media and especially how it can affect the young generation. The workshop was an interactive platform where other eminent people also shared anecdotes and provided an indepth knowledge about the cautious use of social media.  In her address, the school Principal, Ms. Archana Narain also highlighted how the advent of social media has revolutionized our living habits and thought process. She further   urged students to be alert when using social media as everything in the digital world is permanent and cannot be erased or deleted. The cherry on the cake was the release of the book, ‘Education Hub’ by the school principal Ms Archana Narain alongwith the entire team of ‘Dwarka Parichay’ news journal. The book as an informative collection provides information about the play schools, schools , colleges  and universities in Delhi and NCR. At the launch , the guest Speaker Mr S.S. Dogra applauded the efforts made by the school  to sensitize the students  on issues like social media as the students wholeheartedly participated in the interactive session and discussed their concerns about the use of social media.

Blessings Ceremony held at TIHS…

‘When you receive a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance…..

The BlessingsCeremony for the students  of classes X & XII of batch 2017-18  was held on Saturday,  February  17, 2018. The ceremony commenced on an auspicious note with an invocation song.  In her address, the school Principal Ms. Archana Narain urged the students to have faith in their abilities and to face the upcoming board examinationswith confidence. She  also counselled  the students to manage their time effectively to avoid stress. Some tips on smart studying and to manage time for recreational activities were also shared with the students. The parents, teachers and students attended the customary ‘Hawan’ ceremony to seek the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.  Students then lit candles to carry the light of learning, wisdom and knowledge. The School Management also conveyed their best wishes and Good Luck for the upcoming examinations. The ceremony culminated with students seeking blessings from revered Principal Ma’am, Teachers and parents.

Interactive Session with Hon. Prime Minister

“Let us celebrate the Festival of Examinations.
Exams should be taken as a warrior and not as a worrier.” 

The students of classes VI-X of The Indian Heights School attended the Live Telecast of an Interactive Session by the Hon. Prime Minister, Mr. Narinder Modi on Friday, February 16, 2018. The interaction aimed at bringing to the fore a discourse about the importance of stress-free examinations. The enlightening session was held at Delhi\'s Talkatora Stadium on the theme ‘Pariksha Par Charcha’. To de-stress the students in this crucial hour, the Prime Minister has also launched his book titled \'Exam Warriors\' containing 25 mantras to help students face examinations without stress. The students watched the live interaction with utmost attention as they could correlate their exams related queries and questions. The students from classes IX –X had also shared their queries related to examination stress and asked for stress-busting techniques. Some of the common queries that featured in Live Interaction Session were-

1. In spite of thorough revision schedule, the students get nervous and make careless errors while writing their exams.
2. In spite of complete concentration while preparing for exams students get distracted easily and unable to focus for a long time.
3. At times some of them feel overwhelmed and disoriented before writing exams.
4. During exams Parents do constant comparison with the previous performance which further pressurizes the students.

To conclude, it was a rewarding opportunity for the students to watch the Live Telecast and get connected with their country’s leader, an icon and a luminary who is there as a mile stone to guide them.

Children Book Week

\"Reading is to mind, What exercise is to body.\"

The Indian Heights School celebrated \"Children Book Week\" to inculcate the habit of reading amongst the students. Students of classes VI to VIII participated in activities varying from Making of Book marks, Book Swap and Drop Everything and Read. Special assemblies were conducted themed ‘Promote an Author’ and ‘Chase a Genre’. Students shared anecdotes about pleasure of reading different books. The importance of reading as a habit was also emphasized in the classrooms.


Panel Discussion with Honourable Union Minister of Human Resource Development

“Every Human interaction is an opportunity to make things better.”

The students of our school had the honour and privilege of being part of an exclusive interview cum panel discussion with Honourable Union Minister of Human Resource Development, Mr. Prakash Javadekar on February 8, 2018. The event was initiated by Network 18 in association with Tata Tea campaign “ Alarm bajne se Pehle Jago Re”, to sensitize youth on Importance of Sports and Gender Sensitivity in schools. The event was attended by many schools in Delhi and NCR. The interactive session was a rewarding experience as our students actively participated in the panel discussion and voiced their opinions. They even raised their queries regarding provisions of good infrastructure as well as women safety in sports. The students shared anecdotes about school’s achievements in sports. They also spoke about the continuous sustained efforts garnered by school to provide a safe and secure environment with no gender disparity. The event culminated with the Honourable Minister, Mr. Prakash Javadekar, signing the petition, a signature campaign to generate awareness on Importance of Sports and Gender Sensitivity in schools.

Online Interaction with Dr. GianlucaMasi on Total Lunar Eclipse

To spread the awareness on Total Lunar Eclipse an online interaction by Dr. Gianluca Masi, Director Virtual Telescope observatory, Italy was conducted for students of class X. During the session he shared information on the Lunar eclipse. It was a hangout session where students asked many questions related to the topic which were addressed by Dr. Masi. This very informative  session was  thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

Star Party-Super Blue Blood Moon

Let’s Break The Myth and Celebrate!!!

To celebrate the rarest event of the century The Total Lunar Eclipse, a Star Party was organized in the school on January 31, 2018 to witness this breathtaking phenomenon along with some fun activities for the students of class I and II. The event commenced with a wonderful rocket launch.The major attraction of the Star Party were Astronomy related activities like shoot the alien, Pop rocketry, shadow matching, Hydrorocketry, telescope watch and many more. The activity stalls were thoroughly enjoyed by students and their parents and even some grandparents who had come for the event. The crowd then witnessed the rarest event of the century and were awestruck by the beauty of the Super Blue Blood Moon. Apart from being a stress buster for the children the Stat Party was an interactive, informative and fun filled event.


Awareness Rally on Total Lunar Eclipse

An Awareness rally on Total Lunar Eclipse was conducted by few selected students of class VI and VIII . They made beautiful posters consisting of all the important information related to the Lunar Eclipse. Students mass popularized the event and shared the information with everyone including the maids, peons and guards of the school. Respected Admin Sir, encouraged the students by being part of this initiative. Students shared information like myths, superstitions etc., associated with the eclipse and that it is Super blue Blood Moon and encouraged everyone to watch this beautiful and rare phenomenon.
Also, to set up the importance of this event students of class V made interesting models explaining to science behind Lunar Eclipse.

Junior Annual Fiesta

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

The Indian Heights School celebrated its Junior Annual Fiesta, A Rhapsody of Innocence & Imagination on Saturday, the 3rd February, 2018 amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation. Gp Cap Aman Midha was the Hon’ble Chief Guest on the occasion. Col Gulvir Singh ( Retd.) graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour. Among other dignitaries present were Mr Jasram Meena, Advisory board member, Ms. Madhu Gupta, Chairperson, The Indian Heights School , Mr Puneet Gupta, Manager, The Indian Heights School and the members of the PTA body of the school.
The programme commenced with the lighting of the Ceremonial lamp by the Guests which was followed by the Welcome song by the little ones.
Principal, Ms Archana Narain, in her address highlighted the achievements of the school and also encouraged the parents to applaud the efforts of the tiny tots as, for most of them it was the first time on stage.
Chief Guest ,Gp capt Aman Midha, in his address appreciated the efforts of the school and the little ones and also expressed that he was sure that the School lives up to its name and whatever happens in this school will take India to greater heights.
Col Gulvir Singh applauded all the prize winners and congratulated School and the students for the wonderful programme .
The Cultural programme based on the theme ‘Friendship’ comprised of an Invocation of Lord Ganesha by students of Primary Classes and a Dance Drama where the little ones celebrated the essence of friendship by singing and dancing with great enthusiasm on beautiful numbers. The programme was appreciated by one and all which boosted the morale of all the students and the teachers.

Bidding Adieu to the batch 2017-18

‘May the roads rise up to meet you, May the wind be ever at your back May the sun shine warm upon your face, And until we meet again May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.’

The Indian Heights School hosted a farewell get- together to ceremonially bid adieu to the outgoing batch of2017-18 on Jan 27, 2018. Students of class XI put up a splendid show with the help of their teachers, art, dance and music department. The students of class XII came formally attired in beautiful gowns and suits in accordance with the gala Heightians Farewell Awards theme.  Students of class XI gave scintillating song and dance performances. Some exciting games and riddles got everyone involved. The teachers showered their blessings on the outgoing batch and the students gave heart-warming valedictory speeches and also recounted their school experiences in emotional and nostalgic overtones. An emotional yet beautiful video was played to reminisce joyous moments of the years spent together with peers and teachers. The students and put their best foot forward and gave some witty and candid answers in the question and answer round to claim the coveted titles. Simar Kaur Tuteja and Aman Kumar were adjudged Ms TIHS and Mr TIHS. The school Principal, Ms. Archana Narain in her motivating and heart touching address, showered her blessings on the students, wishing them to attain greater heights as they step out of the portals of the school to chase their dreams and aspirations. The day concluded with a ceremonious lunch. Before the emotional goodbyes, students also got the chance to tap their foot on the dance floor with their peers and teachers.


TIHS celebrated Nations 69th Republic Day!

Our ancestors gave us a glorious past….. We need to create the future….. This Republic Day …Lead the change and become a real INDIAN… JAI HIND..


The Indian Heights School reverberated with the spirit of patriotism on the occasion of nation’s 69th Republic Day.  The students conducted a school assembly on January 25, 2018 to observe the national festival.  The day began with the hoisting of the Indian flag by the school principal Ms. Archana Narain, followed by the national Anthem. The events that followed, included a group song, poem recitation and a dance performance. The students also shared important facts about Republic Day 2018 as this time the nation will see the presence of 10 Heads of Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN during the parade at Rajpath.  In her address, the school Principal, Ms. Archana Narain  reminded the students about their duties as the citizens of the country . She inspired the students to outshine and refine themselves through sheer hard work and strong will to excel. Another highlight of the day was Kite Decoration competition, where students from Primary Wing participated in drawing & colouring as they depicted the myriad colours of India. The School Management also congratulated and appreciated the efforts made by the students to observe the celebration of Republic Day.

TIHS organized Dance Workshop- ‘Dance with Alisha Tour-2018'

‘Dancing…is like dreaming with your feet’.

The creative arts are the measure and reflection of our civilization. They offer children an opportunity to see life with a larger perspective”

The students from The Indian Heights School attended an electrifying and rocking dance workshop conducted by renowned dancing diva Alisha Singh, an eminent dancer, Bollywood choreographer and actress. The workshop witnessed an  overwhelming participation and response of the students as they danced and learnt the various dance skills pertaining to Jazz, Free Style, Contemporary and other western dance forms. The resource person Ms. Alisha Singh through her lively, charming and graceful performances taught the students the finer nuances of dance forms and also enlightened on the benefits of learning dance as it not only promotes fitness for a lifetime but also enhances confidence, high self-esteem, discipline and concentration. The workshop was enjoyed by everyone present and was a rich learning experience.

Road Safety Week

Road Safety 

Basant Panchami celebrated at TIHS!

‘May Goddess Saraswati Bless you always with knowledge and wisdom’

To welcome the auspicious beginning of the spring season and to celebrate the festival of Basant Panchami on January 22,2018, a Hawan was performed  to invoke the blessings of Maa Saraswati , the goddess of learning, wisdom, knowledge, fine arts and intellect. The ceremonious hawan was attended by the school Chairperson Ms Madhu Gupta, Manager Sir Mr Puneet Gupta and school Principal Ms Archana Narain. The teachers and students offered prayers and rendered a spiritual ambience as they sang devotional bhajans in their sweet and melodious voice. The students from the primary wing  dressed in   yellow  attire offered their tribute as they also brought and shared snacks in different hues of yellow. Vasant Panchami is treated by celebrants to attain enlightenment through knowledge and to rid themselves of  ignorance. The entire school looked  festive as it reflected the vibrant shades of yellow and observed the festival of Basant Panchami with much divinity and faith to honor the Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of learning who bequeaths the greatest wealth to humanity.

Project Paridhi at Jantar Mantar

“We Rise by Lifting Others”

On the account of winter solstice SPACE had organized Project Paridhi at Jantar Mantar  where over 200 students from various schools of Delhi and NCR  took part. Dr. D N Dimri was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Three volunteers from our school  Jayana Batra, Aditya Kulkarni and Vysakh of class VII A,  enthusiastically participated in the event. The volunteers were first given a small brief at the venue and then were assigned to handle a group of participants. Our student, Jayana Batra explained the steps of Project Paridhi to our esteemed guest. The other two volunteers Aditya and Vysakh assisted the participants throughout with the conduction of the experiment. The team of our students helped in coordinating the  steps like shadow marking, filling the observation sheets, etc. It was a wonderful learning experience for the volunteers.


Home-School Program (Mr. Sarada Mohanty)

“Try to be a rainbow on someone’s cloud.”

We strive towards bringing each student’s uniqueness to the foreground by providing them a progressive learning environment. In this initiative of ours, we are supported by passionate, enthusiastic and resourceful parents, who share their expertise with the students, motivate & encourage them to achieve greater success.    One of our parents, Mr. Sarada Mohanty, recently conducted a workshop for students of class XI on the topic “Creating a Super Student” on January 16, 2018 in the school auditorium. His session covered the important areas of time management, goal setting and skill development, which are the prerequisites of future ready students. Students kept the session very interactive and gained insight on the simple nuances necessary to equip themselves for their lives.



Special Assembly Year at a Glance

“A year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”

A Special Assembly ‘Year at a Glance’ was organized on December 29, 2017 to bid farewell to the year 2017 and welcome year 2018. The rendition of songs, by the school choir in the form of a parody of the songs learnt and performed on different occasions in the year 2017, was like a sparkling pearls of a garland embedded together in one string. The students from Primary Wing through their beautiful dance performances learnt during Danceworxx Sessions held in school during 2017 provided a befitting musical charm to the assembly.  Recollections 2017, offered a glimpse into the activities, events and achievements of the school in the year 2017 as the students enacted and spoke passionately about the accolades won during the glorious year. The beautiful and nostalgic group dance performance  where the students  gracefully danced on a medley of dances learnt during the session 2017, won the applaud of one and all . The performances were a token of remembrance, a souvenir to remember and cherish as the students enjoyed both as participants and as audience. The school Principal Ms Archana Narain in her address reminded the students that every new beginning comes with new challenges to face and new opportunities to be seized to move ahead in life. She further wished all the students good wishes for a prosperous and bright new year ahead. The students and the teachers enjoyed this special  assembly as it was a  journey down the memory lane and made them feel proud of the laurels they won for the school as a family. To conclude everyone cheered and enjoyed the day and greeted each other with new year greetings.

Career Counselling at TIHS

“A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the path of victory.”

We believe that the world is a house to a wide range of opportunities and we strive to get them to our doorstep for our students to explore. To help develop the dreams of students to go outside India for better career opportunities, we organized an interactive close group session for interested students on December 22, 2017 in the school campus. The resource person for the day was Mr. Satpal, an eminent speaker with in depth knowledge about the various the admission process as well as preparations required for a career in a foreign university.  Students clarified their doubts and gained insight into the world of attainable career options outside India.

Special Christmas Assembly and Ten Years of School Inception

 “Be merry all, be merry all, With holly dress the festive hall;   Prepare the song, the feast, the ball, To welcome merry Christmas”

The students presented a colourful assembly on December 22, 2017 to celebrate the festival of Christmas the spirit of sharing and caring.  The assembly highlighted the importance of Christmas in our lives an aimed at giving the message of religious harmony and brotherhood. The programme started with morning prayers followed by the thought and vocabulary. The students from primary wing enacted a skit on the birth of Lord Jesus and how it brought Joy to the World. Carol singing added more charm to the celebrations. The students from middle wing performed a foot tapping dance on the popular Christmas carols.

Another highlight of the day the celebration of Ten Years of Inception as the school completed its glorious journey of ten years on December 22, 2017. Through a beautiful and meaningful enact, the students acquainted everyone about the rewarding of and enriching journey of the school so far. The children’s joy knew no bounds when they saw Santa entering the assembly with bag full of sweets and presents for everyone. School Principal Ms. Archana Narain addressed the assembly and reminded learners of the values of ‘Sharing and Caring’ and ‘Joy of Giving.’ She further asked the young learners to welcome the upcoming year with new hopes and resolutions. The assembly concluded with the rendition of National Anthem.


“If you can remove your self-doubt and believe in yourself, you can achieve what you never thought possible.”

The aim of education is to sensitize the students and prepare them to become global citizens. Our participation in the International School Award for the year 2017-2020 accredited by the British Council for bringing international perspective in the school curriculum, provided a window to our students where they were engrossed in yearlong International Activities, learnt and shared global trends and educational practices with the wider world. These international activities gave them an opportunity to bring world in their classrooms. The work of our students was highly appreciated by the British Council and the school is once again bestowed with the International School Award, third time in a row. This badge of honor has truly inspired our students to aspire for more such rewarding opportunities. Heartiest congratulations to the TIHS fraternity for this remarkable feat. The School Management also congratulated and conveyed their best wishes to the students and staff members.



“All aboard! And Close the doors”
Whistle blows and engine roars
Spinning wheels beginning to grip
These are the sounds as we start our trip”

The Indian Heights School organized an educational excursion to National Rail Museum for the students of Step I & Step II on December 19 & 20, 2017 respectively. The cold December mornings became warm with the lit up faces of our little ones as they boarded the buses to go to their destination. The excitement started with the bus ride as the students squealed with delight every time they saw an air plane, metro or passed through an under pass. The students were amazed to see the huge engine at the entrance gate of the Museum that delighted the little ones and a wave of excitement shot through the group of students. The excitement of kids knew no bounds when they took a ride on Joy train, clapping, singing and waving to everyone. The exhibits of wagons, coaches and engines displayed in the museum aired the curiosity of our little ones and they had many questions to ask their teachers. The enjoyment did not end there as the students were taken to Nehru Park after the visit, where they had their Picnic meal and had fun with their class mates and teachers. Students came back with a Pandora box of knowledge which made the excursion more informative and joyous. Later worksheet was provided to them based on their mesmerizing visit to the Railway museum.


The Indian Heights School under the aegis of Spic Macay organized a Kathak Dance performance by Padma Bhushan Uma Sharmaji on December 20, 2017. She was accompanied by Ustad Khalid Mustafa on Sitar, Ustad Mubarak Khan on Tabla and Pandit Jawala Prashad as vocalist along with three disciples Ms. Divyav Garg, Ms Sukriti and Ms. Anushka Chabra.

The programme commenced with a traditional welcome of the esteemed artists by the Chairperson Ms. Madhu Gupta and School Principal, Ms Archana Narain. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp. Ms Uma Sharma  began her dance recital through the lecture-cum-demonstration method and shared her knowledge about Kathak and demonstrated various techniques- “Tora, Tukda, Bada”.  She also highlighted the two important aspects of Kathak dance form which are ‘Layasa’ & ‘Tandav’. Her dance form portrayed various mythological stories on lives of people. She also dramatized the characters from the chapter of Ramayan- Panchvati. She also performed the Dhrut Laya Teen Taal and “Sundar Gopalam”, beautifully portraying Krishna. During the lecture-cum-demonstration session students posed a number of questions to the honoured guest regarding the origin and popularity of the dance form. The program concluded with the presentation of the mementos as a token of appreciation.  The program was also attended by students and teachers of neighbouring schools of Dwarka. 

National Achievers Award for Education Excellence

‘A Dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement’

In the life of a child the teacher leaves an indelible impression as a role model to emulate. Teachers play a cardinal role in the building up of the character of the next generation.  It takes great courage, vision and dedication to fulfill this mammoth role. Ms. Archana Narain, Principal, The Indian Heights School has been  tirelessly working in the field of education for the last three decades. Her path breaking initiatives and significant reforms in the field of education  have always  motivated and aspired the students  as well as teachers to achieve  more.  Her relentless efforts were recognized in an award function organized by National Achievers Recognition Forum on December 18, 2017 when she was bestowed with the prestigious ‘National Achievers Award for Education Excellence’.  On this glorious achievement, the School Management and TIHS fraternity extend their heartiest congratulations to her and express their deep joy to our leader  and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

International Adolescence Summit 2017

Adolescence is a time in which you experience everything more intensely’.

 Adolescence is a stage where students are in the cusp of understanding self as well as their priorities. Proper guidance and conducive environment motivate the students to explore and discover their identities. In order to understand this very crucial stage of life better, our students attended International Adolescent Summit organized by Expressions India from December 11th-13th 2017.  Honourable  Shri. Pranabh Mukherjee was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The Summit hosted number of competitions for the   students from various parts of the country. Our students participated in the Health exhibition, Solo Western Dance, Quiz and Orator Championship, for which they received excessive praise and encouragement for their unique concepts and par excellence dance performance. Anshika student of class XI bagged the second prize in the solo Western Dance Competition and our students received Medals in the Health Exhibition. The summit was a beautiful cultural amalgamation and a wonderful platform for young minds to interact and learn from each other.

Learn with Fun!! Astronomy Fiesta

Astronomy sessions in the school have always been one of the favorites for the students. Through a set of hands on activities like ‘Listing Few Fun with the Telescopes’, Crater Making Activity’, ‘Can You Be An Astronaut?’, ‘Make Your Own Satellite’ and many more such activities help students to learn difficult concepts in a very simple manner. As it is said, Astronomy is the mother of all the sciences and hence students get the feel of all the other subjects such as science, Mathematics etc. when they study Astronomy. Like the infinite universe the scope of Astronomy class is infinite too where students get motivated and inspired. Kudos to our young Astronomers, engineers and astronauts!!

Peace- Share Wall Magazine Competition

\"Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace\"

The students of classes VII-VIII participated in an Inter-House Wall Magazine competition on themed, ‘Peace- Share your smile with the world.’ Students in teams of two prepared the wall magazine. The presentations beautifully conveyed the message of spreading smile for peace. The participants from the four houses displayed great interest, zeal and enthusiasm. Judgement was based on the criteria of relevance of Content, Aesthetic Appeal, Creativity, and Overall Presentation.

Final Result

First Position           : Shakshi Singh and Ishika Sharma

Second Position      : Kashvi Bharadwaj and Priyal Rao

Third Position         : Jaivika Pandey and Tia Chharia

                                  Ronnie Rana and Ansh Srivastava

Educational Trip to the Air Force Museum

“ Aviation is proof that given the will ……. We have the capacity to Achieve the Impossible.”

The students Class I, of The Indian Heights School, went for an Educational Trip to the Air Force Museum on Thursday 7 December, 2017. The students were excited and curious to visit the famous museum. The Museum entrance featured an indoor display gallery that contained historic photographs, memorabilia, uniforms and personal weapons of the Indian Air Force from its inception in 1932. The gallery led to a hangar exhibiting small aircrafts and Air Force inventory like anti-aircraft guns, vehicles and ordinance. Larger aircraft were exhibited outside the hangar. This outdoor gallery contained aircrafts that were war trophies, radar equipment and captured enemy vehicles were also displayed.

The students were amazed to see the size of the aircrafts. They also got an opportunity to visit inside one of the planes and see the equipment in the plane. The trip was informative as the names and countries of origin of the airplanes were told to them. Many expressed their wish to join the forces to serve their country. The students came back to school with a lot of queries that were answered by the teachers. A truly memorable day for the students and teachers.

Kidzz Number Carnival Week (IDENTIFICATION OF SHAPES)

“Curiosity is the mother of all inventions”

One could see the eagerness and excitement in the toddlers for the activities of day 3 of Kidzz Number Carnival Week.

Treasure Hunt-Students of Step I played Treasure Hunt in which different cutouts of shapes and numbers were hidden in the foyer. Teacher called out the name of shape or a number and students had to find out the number or shape. A Treasure Hunt gave kids the experience of using their brainpower and insight to accomplish a given task.

Identification of Shapes- Students of Step II played the game of identifying the shapes where they had to pick up an object from the frog box and tell about the shape of that object. Learning to identify and understand different shapes are important concepts as each day children are exposed to shapes in their environment. They see and interact with them everywhere daily. They need to be able to recognize shapes, verbalize what they see, and understand why they are there.

No doubt, learning through play not only develop social and cognitive skills but at the same time children gain self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.

Kidzz Number Carnival Week (SNAKES & LADDERS)

Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning

On the second day of the Kidzz Number Carnival Week, students of Little Steps waited in eager anticipation for their teacher to announce the next activity/game.Students of Step II had a lot of fun playing “Snakes & Ladder” with their teachers and other students of the class. The concept of single digit addition and ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ were reinforced as students moved with every turn of dice on a huge snakes & ladder board that was created by their teachers in the Activity room. Step I students played Number Memory Match Up game where they matched a number with its quantity. Children were able to relate number with their quantity. It was a great learning experience for the students as even the most shy and introverted students took part in the activities organized for them.

Kidzz Number Carnival Week (HOPSCOTCH)

Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning

 Our objective at The Indian Heights School is to provide opportunities for the children to play, listen, talk, experiment, and investigate so that learning becomes fun.  Keeping this objective in mind, the school has organized “KIDZZ NUMBER CARNIVAL WEEK” for the students of Little Steps from December 4,2017  to December 8 ,2017. During the carnival students are encouraged to participate in various interesting activities to learn numbers. First day of the Kidzz Number Carnival saw the students learning counting  by playing Hopscotch in the Activity rooms. Students of Step I excitedly hopped to the number spoken by the teacher and learnt to jump on numbers in a sequence. Children also threw markers on numbers and identified the numbers on which their marker fell. This made recognition of numbers very easy  for the li’l ones. Students also learnt backward counting which was a new concept for them. Students of Step II learned skip counting and ascending & descending order of numbers while hopping on the given numbers .The activity also helped to develop gross motor skills as they threw markers on the designated numbers and hopped/ jumped up to that number. Later interesting worksheets were provided to reinforce the concepts.


The Little Steps of TIHS celebrated Orange Colour Day on Nov30, 2017 with full zest. It is very well said that COLOURS ARE THE SMILES OF NATURE and Orange is a dynamic colour which stimulates imagination and creativity. The Little Kids and their teachers were dressed up in different shades of orange colour and they all  shined brightly. Our tiny tots of Step II brought Orange colour objects from home and spoke a few beautiful lines on them. Students also learnt how to get secondary colour orange by mixing two primary colours red and yellow. While in Step I, students named the orange objects and toys they got from home and also did the ‘HAND PRINTING’ using colour orange .The teachers of all the classes made the students aware about the significance of orange colour which symbolizes enthusiasm, hope and prosperity and gave a thorough understanding of the orange colour. Both the foyer areas were beautifully decorated on Orange colour theme. No doubt, Orange is the happiest colour which truly reflects the health and energy of each liitle wonder of little steps. It was a picture perfect day and truly a Kodak  moment………..

National Integration Week celebrated at The Indian Heights School

“Unity in Diversity is the credo of the nation”. The Indian Heights school conducted the   “National Integration Week” (QUAMI EKTA WEEK) from 19th to 24 th November 2017, in the school premises with a view to fostering and reinforcing the spirit of communal harmony and national integration among the students.

 Class wise activities were conducted for the students of Class VI to Class X in order to inculcate the power of unity. The students of Class VI enthusiastically participated in the ROLE PLAY on the Topic – Cultural Unity Day. They depicted the different states, their culture, religion with a motto that symbolizes –Unity is the way to victory.

Women Empowerment is strengthening the social, economic, and an educational power of women in the society where there is no gender bias and has equal rights in the society. To make the students aware about the Women’s place in the society poster making/slogan writing was done on the Topic- Women’s Day by the students of Class VII. Preserving Natural Resources, so as to keep our city green, by keeping this in mind the students of Class VIII were given a brief review of how to conserve our Natural Resources through the PPT followed by Worksheet on the Topic – Conservation Day. Classes IX and X had a Essay Writing on the Topic-Welfare of Minorities Day. The students wholeheartedly participated in all the activities. It was a truly wonderful learning experience for one and all.

Career Development: Career Option in Finland

Globalisation of education has opened new vistas and opportunities for students and learners around the world. With strong believe on this, the school organized an edifying workshop cum orientation session on Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland on November 27, 2017, wherein some of our neighbouring school students also participated. The speaker for the day Mr. Harri Lahdekorpi, Project Manager at Haaga Helia University, kept the audience engaged with his casual interactive discussion on the lifestyle, culture and economy of Finland. Students felt enriched with information on not just about the University rather also on the vivid opportunities that Finland has to offer to students. 

Scholar Badge Ceremony (For Academic Session 2016-17)

‘Knowledge is not something to be packed in some corner of our brain, but is what enters into our being, colours our emotions, haunts our soul, and is as close to us as life itself’.  

The Indian Heights School organised its Scholar Badge Ceremony for classes I to XII, for the academic session 2016-17, on November24, 2017 GP Captain Joseph Verghese was the Chief Guest of the day. The programme commenced with the auspicious Lighting of the Lamp followed by Welcome Song and Ganesh Vandana, a dance performance as an invocation. School Principal Ms Archana Narain accorded a warm welcome to the esteemed gathering. In her welcome speech, she edified the assembly by motivating students to follow the gospels of success, i.e. Commitment, Hard work, Integrity and Perseverance.  The much awaited award distribution ceremony saw the distinguished chief guest and the school principal giving away trophies to the deserving students. As a hallmark of true academic brilliance, the students were awarded badges, and trophies for their stellar performance in various categories varying from Academic Excellence, Highest Attendance and for outstanding performance in all Inter- school events.

 The Chief Guest in his address dwelled upon the ethos of the school- to be of service to the society and also lauded the Principal, Mrs Archana Narain and her team for the outstanding achievements garnered by the students.  The school choir through a thought provoking song,’If One person shines, Others will follow in Line, conveyed the message to care for surroundings and make earth a better place to live .The ceremony concluded with the entire congregation singing the national anthem in unison.

Career in Sport Sciences

“Sports do not build character, it reveals it.”

We provide holistic development for our students and strive to give them opportunities to grow in various fields of academic as well as co-curricular. To help children understand the career options available in Sports, our school invited expert faculty from the Sports Sciences and Sports Management of Deakin University. The university is ranked no.1 in the world in this program and they have also worked very closely with two IPL teams, namely, Rajasthan Royals and Rising Pune Supergiants and have provided their expertise to the players and the management.

An interactive activity based workshop was conducted where students were put in teams and were tested on team building, strategy development and planning skills. This provided the students of class XI and XII an insight on the various skills required to have successful career in Sport Sciences.



Career Development Workshop

“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity”.

We understand the importance of being prepared for the changing future and help equip our students to be future leaders in their chosen career paths. To make this a reality we provide a plethora of workshops to our students where careers that are conventional to unconventional are discussed in detail.

To this end, we had assistant professor of journalism in O.P.Jindal University, Ms. Kajori sen conduct an interactive session for students of XI and XII on the various vocational career options available, which are slowing becoming the future industry of our progressing country.  

Prof. Kajori Sen has been a news anchor and reporter for a decade. Students were shown a glimpse of the life in the university campus and the rich expert faculty available to assist students in their courses. Our students through the session felt inspired to think about the courses that could help enhance their inner potentials.

On the same day, we had Ms. Geeta Manak ( Director),  Benu Chopra ( Manager-Operations/ Counselor), Ms. Shubh Rawat ( Trainer- Aviation & Hospitality )  and Ms. Ritu Sharma ( Senior Executive- HR ) from Fly-elan institute speak about the careers in aviation industry. Aviation being the only profession which is not stream bound and is open to students to start working without any high standard criteria, except the requisite skills and personality of the person. The speaker of the day Ms. Benu gave a detailed insight into the various career options available in aviation industry and the way one can develop the requisite skills as well as personality for a successful career path in this profession. Students were active participants throughout the session and had their minds opened to a wider spectrum of career choice in the future.

Lunch Sharing Day in Little Steps

“If you want your children to succeed, teach them to share in kindergarten”

At the Indian Heights School we firmly believe that Value-based Education builds the qualities of humility, strength and honesty in students and they become better citizens of a country. It is an investment in individual capability and self-responsibility and its product, therefore, promises significant value to society. Social skills development, including sharing, is a key component of our school’s curriculum because it helps the children learn that their actions have a direct impact on others. In addition to reminding little ones to share, we engage them in various other activities where they are provided the opportunities to learn about and practise sharing. The students of Little Steps celebrated “Lunch Sharing Day” where they shared their food with their friends. Although learning to share can be a challenge for the little ones but we take great pride in announcing that our tiny tots loved sharing their home cooked food with their friends. It was party time for the students as they loved eating the large variety of yummy dishes that were sent by the parents. The excitement & enthusiasm among the students was infectious and there were smiles all around.We extend heartfelt thanks to all the mommies and daddies for sending home cooked, healthy & tasty food for our students. 


‘Life is like a circus… Random and full of surprises’- Anonymous

Recreation is needed by all and what’s better than a visit to a circus. Somebody has rightly said that  life is better when you are laughing. A visit to Asiad Circus in Dwarka was organized  on 20th November, 2017  for the   students from classes Little steps  to class  VIII. It was a fun filled morning as the students and their facilitators thoroughly enjoyed the acrobats, various stunts, acts of tightrope, hoopers etc. done by the performers at the circus. Students were amused to see the gimmicks of the clowns. There was a lot of commotion, hustle-bustle, cheering and excited cries of laughter in the arena which made it a memorable outing for the kids.

Science Week Celebrated at TIHS

“Science is simply common sense at its best”Thomas Huxley

The  Indian Heights School observed the ‘Science Week’ from November 13th-18th,2017  in the school premises, an initiative undertaken to bring out the importance of science in everyday life. A number  of activities were conducted throughout the week for the students of classes VIth to XIth  in order to generate the interest and enthusiasm in students towards science. The various activities included Group discussion, Science Quiz, Science Debate, Science congress and Magic with science.

The Group discussion was conducted on the topic ‘Closing Schools is not a solution to the problem of smog in Delhi’ which brought out the major concerns and possible solutions to the major problem .The activity also helped in sensitizing the students towards problem of air pollution. The science Quiz was conducted on ‘Scientists and their Achievements’ which made the students aware about various scientists and their contribution towards the science. The students of classes IX to XI  conducted the Science congress on the topic of Swatch Bharat’. The week was culminated with the ‘Magic with Science’ activity. This activity added the fun element to the week . The response  to the activity was overwhelming and students loved participating  in it. Overall the Science week went really well and the students displayed great enthusiasm and interest.

Astronomy workshop held at The Indian Heights School

The students from class III to XI attended an informative workshop conducted by Kennedy Space Centre NASA on Astrotourism.  The workshop through beautiful and appealing slide shares along with video clippings acquainted the students about the major attractions of the trip scheduled for each day like visit to Kennedy Space Centre – Orlando, Kennedy Space Centre Visitors Complex, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Niagara Falls and New York City.  The students were over whelmed to see the high lights of the tour and cheered and applauded during the workshop.  They also raised their queries which were aptly addressed by the resource person.

Another Feather in the cap of glory!..

‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ is the vision with which a true leader  accomplishes  every task at hand. Complying with this thought, the school Principal, Mrs. Archana Narain as a luminary has been taking path breaking strides to bring significant reforms in the field of education.  Her relentless efforts and stellar role have successfully transformed learning into a constructive and joyful pursuit for every student at school. Her consistent and sustained efforts were recognized during a gala award function organized by Re-think India on November 9, 2017 when she was felicitated with prestigious Progressive Principal’s Award. It is once again a defining moment for the entire TIHS fraternity to see their leader become an icon to follow, a milestone to guide others. The school Management conveyed their best wishes to her on being bestowed with this honour. 



‘Children are the world\'s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.’

The joys of childhood are unexplainable and children truly make this world a beautiful place to live in. They are not only the ‘apple of the eye’ of their parents but also pride of their school. November 14th  is a day dedicated to all the children of our nation and is celebrated as ‘Children’s Day’ across the country with great fervor.

In an endeavor to make our students feel special and loved, the school organized a special assembly on children’s day. The teachers did not miss this opportunity to express their love, extend warm greetings and shower their blessings on their students. The joy of Little Steps students found no bound  when their teachers entertained them with a fun filled program.  Later they thoroughly enjoyed ‘Bouncy Castle’.  A ‘musical drama’  by the Primary Wing teachers was performed exclusively for the students dealing with their everyday issues related to school life, exam pressure etc. in a very entertaining way. The motive was to encourage our students to deal with these issues in a good spirit and never give up on the joys of childhood. The class party organized  by the senior wing students was another most excited event to the enjoy the spirit of Children’s Day. The school Principal Ms Archana Narain in her address conveyed her wishes to the students. She also emphasized the importance of student life as the most crucial and eminent phase in one’s life as one moulds and transforms itself accordingly. She further emphasized how students today can remain calm and firm even during the times of ordeal if they remain grounded well nurtured through moral values. To conclude it was a memorable and enjoyable day for everyone to cherish.

Budding Scientist Competition held

We should not teach children the sciences; but give them a taste for them’. - Jean-Jacques 

Science experiments are an incredibly effective means of getting children interact with the world around them, both inside and outside the classroom. In order to instill the quality of questioning facts, experimenting with it and exploring new things in our young minds, a competition- ‘Budding Scientist’ was organized for classes III-V on November 6, 2017. Students enjoyed this competition very much while doing  exciting and innovative experiments related to magnetic field, density and air impact buoyancy, surface tension etc.  Overall, it was a fun-filled and informative activity for all the students.

The Indian Heights School Celebrated Vistas 2017…..

The Indian Heights School celebrated its magnificent and reverberating 9th Annual Day Vistas 2017 with great zest and vibrancy.  Mr. Shrikant Kishore DIG/CASO CISF Unit, IGI Airport was the distinguished  Chief Guest of the day. Among other eminent  dignitaries present were Special Guest Lt Gen. S.N. Handa, PVSM, AVSM, VSM (retd), Guests of Honour Mr Vijay Matta Associate , Vice President, Indigo North and Eastern India, Southern Asia and   Mr Sanjeev Chawla , Director Delhi Airport Operations, Indigo along with other distinguished guests who graced the occasion were Members of School Management Committee, Directors and  Principals of schools from Dwarka and NCR.  


The programme commenced with the Lighting of the Lamp by the Chief Guest  Mr Shrikant Kishore, Special Guest Lt Gen. S.N. Handa PVSM, AVSM, VSM(retd), Guests of Honour  Mr Vijay Matta  and  Mr Sanjeev Chawla along with school Chairperson and school Principal.


This was followed by the formal welcome address by the Chairperson, Ms Madhu Gupta. The progressive school Annual Report presented by the school Principal Ms Archana Narain was well supported with the power point presentation.The much awaited Prize Distribution ceremony was the major highlight of the evening as the Chief guest and other distinguished guests gave away the trophies to the meritorious students for their outstanding performance.


The programme was an amalgamation of various hues  comprising  of rendition of Welcome Song by the School choir followed by the dance performance, an invocation where students through beautifully choreographed steps projected the secular spirit of the country and the harmonious existence of diverse religious faiths. ‘Swacch Bharat -a nationwide cleanliness drive was also showcased through a mesmerizing dance by the students from the Primary Wing  as they rejoiced the fun filled spirit of school days. The highlight of the evening was a dance drama presentation ‘Aaj Kaa Abhimanyu... Umeedon ka Chakravyuh’. The presentation  by the students of  middle and senior wing, was an eye opener as it conveyed the meaningful message  to see the world from the eyes of young learners thereby empathizing to  feel their mental torment  when in dilemma. The Chief Guest in his address applauded the school for the outstanding performance of its learners in academics, sports and cultural activities. He stressed the eminent role played by the school in moulding young students into responsible citizens of the nation and congratulated all the students for bringing laurels to the school. He also motivated them further to sharpen their talents and hone their skills not only to carve a niche for themselves but also to bring glory to the nation.


The Vote of Thanks was proposed by the Head Boy and the Head Girl of the school. The programme culminated with the National Anthem.

Paryatan Parv Celebration

To celebrate the spirit of tourism and to motivate our  students to participate in activities showcasing the tourism potential of Incredible India, The Indian Heights School observed ‘Paryatan Parvfrom 5th to 25th October,2017 ( ref : Circular No. Acad-38/2017) and conducted an array of activities that would promote tourism and strengthened the spirit of cultural unity amongst the learners.

A special Assembly was conducted where the students highlighted the amazing facts about the different cultures of the various states of India. The students from class VI – X participated in number   of activities thereby engaging in research and exploring the opportunities to rediscover the true spirit of ‘Incredible India.’ Students from class VI made beautiful paintings on the topic,‘Tourism promoting plurality of cultures.’ The learners from class VII expressed their opinions and thoughts as they participated in the slogan writing competition on the theme ‘Education and tourism move hand in hand. Students from class VIII displayed their creativity and IT skills as they made thought provoking slide shares on Incredible India and also participated in a quiz on the same. The senior wing students from class IX and X penned their views in the Essay Writing Competition on the topic, ‘Tourism brings economic and social prosperity’. Students further sensitized everyone on Green Tourism by conducting a talk show  themed, ‘Environmentally Sustainable Tourism. The observance of ‘Paryatan Parv’ was indeed a rich learning experience for one and all as it acquainted our students  with the benefits of tourism apart from cultivating a touring culture and imparting up-do-date information about tourism.


Diwali Celebrations at TIHS by Peer Interact Club

“Lets Fill Our Homes With Prayers & Light Not With Fumes & Crackers.”

Peer Interact Club of the school organized a week long Diwali celebrations. The week commenced with interesting and innovative activities like diya decoration, article writing, poster and lantern making. Later students showcased their beautiful work in the school corridors. The week ended on a high note where the peer interact students conducted an Anti- Cracker drive which highlighted the importance of an eco-friendly Diwali. Student representatives echoed the voices of million other poor children who suffer due to usage of crackers. The week exhibited a unified thought of celebrating Diwali with lights, sweets and happiness so that we progress towards a greener and cleaner tomorrow.


Workshop on POCSO held at TIHS

‘Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven’

‘It is every child’s right to be loved and to be safe’.

To sensitize and generate awareness, the school conducted a workshop on ‘POCSO-Protection of Children from Sexual Offences’, which was attended by the entire school fraternity including the teachers, Admin Dept. as well as the support staff.  The resource person, Mr. Ajay Kumar Jha, Legal Aid Council, South West District Court, Dwarka emphasized that protection of crime is more important than the prevention of the same.  He further stressed the role of everyone especially when it comes to the safety and security of young children.  The workshop briefed about the POCSO Act which was passed in 2012 and implemented in 2014.  The school Principal, Ms. Archana Narain also urged each one present to be very vigil and alert hence respectfully perform the role of a responsible citizen.


It’s a proud moment for the school like last year this year too our students participated in All Indian Asteroid Search Campaign and once again Yash Kumar of class IX has successfully done the Provisional Discovery for the object 2017 MU which is a confirmed and formally recognized asteroid discovery by the international agencies. I congratulate him for this momentous achievement as he is among the three asteroid discoverers in India.

Astronomy Fancy Dress Competition

“Inhale confidence…Exhale Doubt…”

Ever been to a fancy dress…we all love it. Right!  And what better than an astronomy and space themed Fancy Dress Competition to let creativity flow. An informative and innovative Fancy Dress Competition was organized for the students of class II as a part of the World Space Week Celebrations on Thursday October 12 , 2017. The enthusiastic participants came dressed as their favorite space person, planets, asteroids, meteors etc. Each participant spoke a few lines on his/ her choice of theme. Students participated with complete confidence and wore splendid costumes. Their performances left the judges and the audience awestruck. The creativity of their costumes was ingenuous and the confidence with which they spoke, about their character, was commendable. The judgment was based on parameters like Creativity of Costumes, Speech Clarity and Confidence. Students had a lot of fun during the entire event and all of them got to learn many interesting facts shared by the participants. It was a wonderful activity to commemorate Astronomy and its contribution to our lives.

Video Conference held at TIHS

International Learning and knowledge propels students towards acceptance and understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspectives. Our Students experienced this during a video conference session held on October 12, 2017 with Kingsworth International School, Paris, France. Students of both the schools shared   information on  their National Symbols, they  also sang their National Anthems and talked about their  regular school day, and about their hobbies and interests. Students enjoyed every bit of the session.

MovieThon- Space Buddies

“Somewhere, Something Incredible is waiting to be Known”

World space week is being celebrated in the Indian Heights School. The school is leaving no stone unturned to celebrate this event with great enthusiasm. To herald the commencement of this event, a fun-filled movie related to space called Space Buddies was screened for students of class I on 9th Oct, 2017. A theater like ambience was created where students first got their entry movie tickets from a designated ticket counter and then watched this amazing movie in their respective classes.

The movie Space Buddies revolved around the lives of five puppies who blasted off on a cosmic adventure, moved at warp speeds, dodged asteroids and more. The movie ignited a sense of curiosity among the young minds and inspired them to explore their surroundings even more. Along with being a source of fun it was also a source of learning for the students in the field of astronomy. The movie was enjoyed and appreciated by the students and teachers alike. The young audience could be seen later acting like space adventurers and their buddies. A truly wonderful learning experience for one and all. 

TIHS is bestowed with Global Excellence Award 2017

We  either find a way, or make one.\" 

\"It\'s my job to believe in them and show them their potential to do anything they want to do in life,\" is the motto and golden rule for Ms. Archana Narain, Principal, The Indian Heights School, Dwarka. She  has been effectively engaging students, shaping their development and ensuring learning becomes a joyful pursuit for every student at the school. Her consistent and continuous efforts in bringing new dimension  in the teaching learning methodology in the school have been recognized  in an award function on October 4, 2017 where she was honoured with  Global Excellence Award - 2017,  by Global Leaders Foundation & Education council of India. On this occasion the School Management and TIHS fraternity extend their heartiest congratulations to her and express their profound joy to our leader  and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.


Sally Ride EarthKAM

A classroom with the ultimate view!!! became possible when the students of class VI grabbed the wonderful opportunity provided by Sally Ride EarthKam Mission 58 and clicked breathtaking pictures of the earth using the interface. Sally Ride EarthKAM is a NASA sponsored project.  EarthKAM means Earth  Knowledge  Acquired by Middle school students. It is an educational program that enables students to take pictures of their own planet from a digital camera on board the International Space Station (ISS) via a web interface. International Space Station is an artificial satellite where astronauts reside for various experiments based on micro-gravity. EarthKAM camera is till date a permanent payload on board. This wonderful opportunity amazed and fascinated the  students.

Another Feather in the cap of TIHS…

‘A Teacher takes a Hand, Opens a Mind, and Touches a Heart’.

The invaluable contribution in the field of education by  our school Principal, Ms. Archana Narain has been  recognized by Rashtriya Samta Swatantra Manch and has been bestowed  with ‘SHIKSHAK SHRI AWARD’ on this Teacher’s Day. It is a proud moment for the students, staff & the school as their leader has been chosen for this prestigious award. The school Management conveys their heartfelt congratulations to her for this remarkable achievement.

Dussehra Celebration at TIHS

‘May the victory of good over evil inspires you towards your own victories’. 


The students of The Indian Heights School celebrated the festival of Dussehra symbolic of victory of good over evil  along with the festival of Gandhi Jayanti with pomp and show. The day commenced  with a Special School Assembly where students shared amazing facts about the pan-Indian festival that is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India as Garbha-Dandiya, Ramlila, Golu and Durga Pooja in various parts of the country and about the relevance of principles of Mahatma Gandhi i e Truth and non – violence to promote the concept of world peace. The  school choir sang a devotional song to follow the high ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. Through a poem recitation on Swachch Bharat ,the students once again reiterated the concept that Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The  spirit of festivity was at its peak when the students and teachers dressed in traditional and colorful dresses performed Garbha  dance with a lot of zeal. The school Principal, Ms Archana Narain  in her address reiterated that how the festival instill in us the values of triumph of good over evil , light over darkness and virtue over vices. She wished the entire student populace great festive season ahead and to spread the message of harmony and festivity by celebrating it with near and dear ones. The school management also applauded and conveyed their best wishes the entire school fraternity for the festive occasion.

Toy Collection Drive held at TIHS !

‘Giving is not about making a donation, it is about making a difference”
It is not about how much we give, but how much love we put into giving is proved by the lil’ones of our Kindergarten who joyfully participated and donated their favorite toys in order to bring happiness in the life of those children who have never experienced the joy of owning a toy. At The Indian Heights School our endeavour has always been to provide our students opportunities to develop into a socially responsible and enlightened member of the society. We aspire our students to know and experience the joy of giving and in order to achieve this a Toy Collection Drive was organized in the school from September 25 to September 28,2017. We appealed our little ones to share their toys with the under privileged children and it is heartening to see the response we got from our tiny tots which overwhelmed us and made us proud. Students of Little Steps displayed the spirit of generosity by giving away their precious toys. The Collected toys will be sent to “The Toy Bank”, from where they would be distributed amongst less fortunate children.“The Toy Bank” is an organization that has been helping people share joy by upholding its mission statement-‘Recycle Toys- Recycle Smiles”. A big hoorah for all the students and their parents for making this drive a great success.

Rainbow Day celebration by lil’ones at TIHS

 ‘Be a Rainbow in someone elses cloud

’I find happiness in Rainbow’

Rainbow Day was celebrated with great joy  & excitement by the students of Little Steps on September 22,2017. The students and teachers  came dressed up in colourful dresses. In a Special Assembly  students recited rhymes about the seven colours and also narrated the importance & significance of different colours of the rainbow.  This fun filled day   was designed to help the kids to recognize different colours. Teachers  talked about the importance of colours and how they  enhance and influence our lives. Students of Step II were delightfully indulged in rainbow colour cotton dabbing activity while students of Step I enjoyed tearing pasting activity in a rainbow. As a take away gift students carried home small rainbows with them. Rainbow Day was made memorable with fun and colours.


We are the Ambassadors of Peace….

“Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.\"  - John F. Kennedy

‘We can never obtain Peace in the outer world until we make Peace with ourselves’. 

  At The Indian Heights School, we firmly believe in Peace as an eternal value to resolve issues not only at global level but even in  our day to day lives.  The school strongly promotes the concept of Peace & Harmony  through various initiatives undertaken in the form of in House activities, like Workshops, Peace March, Meditation in morning assemblies and special Peace Sessions conducted by the teachers in the classrooms where students  ponder  and indulge in self introspection. Continuing with the noble endeavour  to strengthen World Peace, the school joined hands with ‘Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light’ an organization establishing Peace in a tangible way. The sustained efforts of inculcating & integrating  ‘Peace’ as the core value  in the school curriculum were  recognized and  appreciated  when the Chairperson, Ms. Madhu  Gupta, and Principal, Ms. Archana Narain  were honoured with   the prestigious ‘Peace Education Award’  during WRAP summit held on September 17-19, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea.  HWPL Chairman, Mr.  Hee Lee and Chairperson Ms. Kim conveyed their best wishes to the Award holders for being the torch bearers to establish and spread the light of peace.   It is indeed a crowning glory moment for the school as we rejoice & continue with our spirit of promoting universal peace and brotherhood among young learners.


At TIHS we sensitize our students to become environmental friendly.  We teach them the consequences of our actions and what impact they will have on the environment. Being a Green School, we follow the policy of 4 R’s i.e Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink in order to manage the waste generated at the school.  In our efforts to make the school campus more  clean and green another conscious effort has been taken  at the school by putting two categories of dustbins- Green Colour dustbins for disposing off Biodegradable waste and Blue Colour dustbin for disposing of Non-biodegradable waste in each classroom. Students are counseled by the teachers to segregate the waste accordingly and dispose it in the right dustbin. This practice will surely educate the students about the waste management and prepare them to become more eco-friendly citizens.

Hindi Saptah

Hindi Saptah

Forever Against Animal Testing Workshop

The School strongly believes that, one should speak for those who can’t speak for themselves and animal cruelty is an offence which needs to be fought against. Students are encouraged to participate in campaigns and awareness programmes that focus on getting the youth to help contribute towards the society.

One such initiative by Body shop called ‘FAAT- Forever Against Animal Testing’ was supported by the students of classes IX-XII on September 1, 2017 in our school. The resource person for the day, Ms. Tarana Ahmed showed a video on cruelty towards animals and voiced out the necessity of having strict laws not against violence towards animals, but also of avoidance of usage of products that have made from animal parts. Students signed the petition of forever being against animal testing and vowed to spread awareness about this to as many people as possible.


“ Sports do not build character, they reveal it.”

The students of Class Bluebells conducted a special assembly on Friday, September 1, 2017 on the Topic ’National Sport Day. The parents of the students were also  invited to be a part of the audience. The assembly started with fun filled and energetic PT exercises followed by the daily prayers. The students shared important news and sports headlines. It was heartening to see the  students  when they spoke on National Sports Day of India which also marks the birthday of Dhyan Chand, who  put his stamp on international hockey arena, and enabled our country to reach to the  pinnacles of glory multiple times. It was a proud moment for all present to hear about the glorious career of the great hockey player who put India on the international map of Hockey. Students  updated the audience about the latest happenings in the school. They also  added to everyone’s knowledge by sharing new vocabulary words and their usage. A peppy and foot tapping song dedicated to sports and its importance in today’s life enjoyed by one and all. The assembly culminated with the Teacher’s talk followed by the National Anthem. 


Welcome to Our School... Ultimate Cradle of Achievers

The Indian Heights School is a progressive K12 school which provides a secure and supportive environment of learning to the students. We do believe that education for life involves much more and in order to achieve this goal, students are encouraged to develop creative and logical thinking so that they can set high standards for themselves to achieve success in life.

Ample opportunities are provided to the students to enhance qualities like leadership, confidence, teamwork, cooperation and compassion . Every child is encouraged to participate in a wide range of extra curricular activities to develop skills and qualities that will lead to making them a balanced human being... Read More +

Organisation of School

The school is a senior secondary co-ed school recognized & affiliated to C.B.S.E. The school has four wings - Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle & Senior Wing.Read More +

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