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Phd Dissertation Latex Template Thesis

Students are responsible for adherence to all requirements specified in this manual. Do not rely principally on the format of another student's thesis/dissertation when preparing your own manuscript. We maintain a Word template that conforms to all formatting requirements. 

*If you experience problems downloading the Word templates, let us know through the Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Consultation Request Form. We will forward the templates as an email attachment.
  • LaTeX template: We do not maintain an official LaTeX template. However, this template is accurate as of December 2013: https://github.com/lotten/uci-thesis-latex. If you are using a LaTeX template, please check to see that it conforms to the Word template that we maintain.
  • 7.1. Sample Preliminary Pages

The formatting of your preliminary pages should resemble that of the following samples.  Please note that these sample pages are not to scale (i.e. the page size is less than 8.5”x11” and the margins are less than 1” on the top, left, right, and bottom).

The following thesis format templates are provided to help you get started with formatting your thesis or dissertation. These templates were developed and supplied by your fellow students. As such, the Graduate Thesis Office cannot provide any technical support for these files. These templates aren't guaranteed to give you perfect results, and you will probably have to customize them to some degree.  (Also, note that you will be required to fix anything that does not conform to Institute format guidelines.)

With the help of the Graduate Student Government Association, these files were updated over summer 2016 with new versions linked below. If for some reason you are in need of the old thesis template files, please email thesis@grad.gatech.edu.

If you plan to use the LaTeX template, our office cannot in general provide technical assistance.  That being said, the LaTeX template is known to work with the following settings and software in place:

  • Texmaker 4.5
    • Set the Quick Build command configuration to: “PdfLaTeX + Bib(la)tex) + PdfLaTeX (x2) + View Pdf”.
    • Use the Quick Build command to compile and view your .pdf file.
    • If you decide to use a “build” subdirectory for output files, you must point BibTeX to the proper subdirectory.
  • MiKTeX 2.9


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