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How To Write A Cover Letter For Year 10 Work Experience

  1. i have written a draft of a work experience letter to a hospital so i was wondering if i can get help with grammar etc, btw my parents arent english so they cant help much , the first letter i wrote to a medical centre was declined due to confientiality so i hope this one will be accepted

    [my address]

    [contacts full address]

    Dear [very important person]

    I would like to enquire about the possibility of a work experience placement at your hospital during [this time] this year.

    My name is [name], I am 16 years old and attend [my school] in [town]. I am currently studying A levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I am considering a course in Medicine after I finish school so I have decided to do work experience to confirm my choice.

    During my work experience I would like to see what qualities are required to become a doctor. I believe that the thinking skills I have gained from doing Maths and Physics, and practical skills from doing Biology and Chemistry will help me achieve in Medicine. Aside from school work, I have also volunteered at charity shops near my school and will be starting a new placement in September.

    I would appreciate it if you give me consideration for my work experience placement. My contact details are as below:

    yours sincerely

    any helpful comments r appreciated

  2. Leave out the 'my name is', just leave that till the end. Why not mention confidentiality in some way, something like ' I am aware of the value of discretion when working in a clinical environment and I believe that I have the maturity and integrity to abide by the code of conduct at your establishment.' Or something.

    Hope that helped.

  3. oh i did not know that, i will change it tyvm

I have just written a letter which will go along with my CV and a couple of other forms to Ford Motor Company (in uk). I am 14 years old and in year 10. Could you please give me advice on the letter so far and maybe how to round it off nicely. Thanks a lot.

My address 1





5th June 2007

Mr. ***,

Address 1

Address 2






Dear Mr. ***,

I am writing to you to apply for a work experience place at Ford Motor Company between the 12th November 2007 and the 23rd November 2007.

Currently, I am a fourteen year old student in year 10 at the *** school. When I finish my compulsory education, I plan to go to sixth form. After this I hope to continue higher education by going to university.

As well as taking all required subjects and my three chosen options (French, I.T. and History) I chose to take Music and Astronomy after school. Unfortunately, the teacher was unable to continue the Astronomy classes and I have will have to wait until next year to continue this subject.

I am particularly interested in English, I.T. and History. Learning about the past is very appealing to me and in I.T. I have managed to develop a skill of touch typing rather quickly. I enjoy English because I enjoy creative writing. We got to extensively write creatively in one piece of coursework this year, which I received an A* for.

I have enclosed a CV with this letter, which contains my predicted grades from our Spring Term Monitoring. I do not feel these grades are accurate in all cases. For example, in I.T I have been predicted a C grade. This in fact, was the case for every pupil in my class. Also, since this monitoring took place, our school has changed the course from DIDA to OCR Nationals. I believe I will receive a much higher grade than this by the end of the year. One example of me doing well in I.T. was in year 7, when I won an award for best student of the year. In History, I was also predicted a B grade. We have recently taken our year 10 tests, which are comprised of actual GCSE questions. I received an A in History, which I am confident I will get in the real GCSEs. In Science, I was Predicted a B grade. In our most recent set of science of science exams I received two A* grades and an A grade. I believe I will receive higher than a B here too. In RE I was also predicted a B. I do not believe this grade to be accurate either due to our teacher being away for a majority of the year so far. In this time we have had a supply teacher. At the end of last year we had a test in RE which I received a level 7, which is the highest possible level. I hope to achieve an A in this subject. Finally, in music I am predicted a D. Due to this lesson taking place optionally, after school, I was not able to attend for an extended period of time due to a family issue. I hope to soon be back on track in this subject.

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