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Document Based Question: Mongols
The Mongolian empire was the largest in the world at its time of conception. It was created, and expanded within a very short time span. This is due to a very powerful military, efficient and contributing citizens, and patriotic and hardworking rulers. However, if we had a document of a personal journal entry of Ghengis Khan we would be able to better understand how we personally felt about his empire and the sacrifices he made for his empire.
The Mongolians had an excellent military composed of elite horsemen and archers. These supreme soldiers coupled with brilliant strategy made for an undefeatable army that led to build the largest empire the world has known. The Mongolian Calvary often used sneaky and underhanded methods to accomplish their goals; nonetheless it worked (Doc 1). Methods such as these saved many lives and strengthened the military tactics of the Mongolians. The men of the Mongolian army were hardened warriors; nothing could penetrate them mentally or physically (Doc 3). Through such harsh and intense experiences, the Mongolian men became invulnerable to physical discomfort. The line of command and the following of orders also happened without question or delay, resulting in unwavering loyalty and undying fealty of the men. Such a quality within the army is invaluable and pronounces the difference between a victory and defeat at war. The Mongolian warriors were also ruthless, and killed without compassion for they had no pity for the victims (Doc 7). Because of such mercilessness the Mongolians tended to be more effective soldiers and proved more valuable in the battlefield.
The Mongolian leader Ghengis Khan and his son Ogedei were the rulers of Mongolia. They ruled well, expanded the empire well beyond its expectations and expanding it beyond its limit. They were selfless rulers, sacrificing and giving all they could for their empire. Ogedei supported his empire best he could; he gave it all he had to...

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