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Supercurrents Through Barriers To Critical Thinking

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Superconducting systems partitioned by barriers which are thin enough to allow supercurrents to pass through them are discussed. The implications for such systems of superconducting long-range order are considered, and a phenomenological theory developed and applied to a number of topics: penetration of a magnetic field into a barrier, interference of supercurrents in the presence of a magnetic field, the cut-off frequency associated with the propagation of electromagnetic waves along a barrier, a.c. supercurrents, and structure in the d.c. current-voltage characteristics of a barrier resulting from an applied microwave field or the a.c. supercurrent. The phenomenological theory is justified by the use of microscopic theory, and a new approach, based on the Gor'kov method, is described. The results of this approach, which is of more general validity than the tunnelling Hamiltonian method, are shown to be expressible in terms of Feynman diagrams. Attention is drawn to the analogy between supercurrents and other processes involving phase coherence.

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