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Cheerleading Essay

"It's been phenomenal. Better than I ever expected, within five years, this is going to be the norm just because it makes sense,” says head coach at University of Maryland, Lura Fleece, when referring to the sport of cheerleading (Drehs). Although cheerleading has developed into a thriving activity, with determined athletes, demanding practice hours, and astounding bravery most of the world still does not give it the credit it deserves in the world of sports. In the past 20 years, the activity has developed into a worldwide, athletic phenomenon with competitive events of its own across the nation; starting in the United States.
Merriam Webster dictionary defines sport as an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. Cheerleading meets all the requirements to be considered a sport according to Women’s Sport Foundation; except the requirement that the primary purpose is to compete against other teams (Hoskinson). Some colleges have altered their cheerleading programs so that they meet this requirement and can reap the benefits like other college true sports teams (Drehs).In order to help the sport progress colleges should divide the teams into a spirit squad and a competitive squad. This division would allow colleges to benefit in several ways such as: the coaches would have the ability to recruit athletes, the competitive squad would have advantages of other sports teams, and college cheerleading would continue to be one of the fastest growing activities in America.
In July of 2003 the University of Maryland became the first Division 1-A school to recognize competitive cheerleading as a sport (Drehs). The program has two different teams, one that cheers only at football and basketball games and one that strictly competes at local and national level competitions. The competitive team counts for title IX and receives the benefits that other college athletes receive, however they also must follow the same guidelines and restrictions as other sports teams (Drehs). The competitive squad is only allowed to have a 144 day season and the coaches have strict recruiting laws that they must follow. All of the funding and benefits for the competition cheerleading squad are comparable to that of other NCAA women’s sports, (University). In comparison to the non-competitive squad the competitive athletes get better scholarships, and have access to academic advisors, locker rooms, on site trainers and strength coaches (Drehs). Because of this divide in the teams, the University of Maryland attracts more qualified coaches with better benefits than most, and they are recruiting more athletes and winning national championships every year.
The split in the spirit team and the competitive team allows the cheerleading to receive benefits of other sports programs therefore allowing the cheerleading coaches to have a more flexible budget and can put more money into recruiting athletes. Most college cheerleading coaches...

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Cheerleading: Sport Fact or Fiction? Essay

1821 words - 7 pages "She's ditzy," "They're snobs," "What an airhead," and the list of unflattering traits goes on. When referring to cheerleaders, chances are you've probably heard them all. You may imagine a cheerleading member is not too bright, and more concerned about what shade of red lipstick to wear than world events. Most people think of cheerleading squads as a social club of good-looking girls who wouldn't give the average Joe the time of day, right?...

Male Cheerleading is a Sport! Essay

823 words - 3 pages Male Cheerleading is a Sport! Against popular belief, females were not the founders behind the sport of cheerleading; instead males who were so eager to cheer while watching sporting events created this sport. In the 1890's the first pep club was organized at Princeton University, and it was there where the first organized yell was recorded. The University of Minnesota organized cheerleading and the first school "fight song." Women didn't...

A Study of Injury Incidence in Florida High School Cheerleading

1819 words - 7 pages Introduction Over the past 20 years, the athleticism involved in cheerleading has increased dramatically. Cheerleading in the United States is a year round competitive activity. Cheerleaders are asked to perform through 3 seasons, peak for national competitions, and attend cheerleading-training camps in the summer. Cheerleading begins at an early age and is estimated to include over a million participants between elementary school and the...

This essay is a description of a cheerleading competition

677 words - 3 pages The Rush of CompetingStanding like soldiers at the edge of the clear azure mat with my teammates, almost indistinguishable in our crisp, sparkling white shoes and clean, neatly pressed uniforms, we prepare to compete. My hair is tightly pulled up into a sleek ponytail of spiral curls, now firm as a result of the layers of hairspray. A...

Respect the Sport: Are cheerleaders participating in a physically demanding athletic sport or an extracurricular activity just for fun? THE OLDEST DEBATE IN SPORTS...

4617 words - 18 pages Along with the word cheerleading comes an image of a very skinny girl in an uncomfortably short, pleaded skirt with a big cheesy, fake smile. A mask of make-up covers her face, bright lipstick on her lips, her hair is up in a braid complemented with a big shiny bow, and her hands are placed neatly on her hips. Her face glows with enthusiasm as she shouts loud words of encouragement such as "fire up" or "lets go." Some would say that...

American Cheerleader: The Icon, The Stereotype, and The Truth

1515 words - 6 pages Many have seen her. Many know her. But who is the American cheerleader? Is she a blond haired, blue eyed sex symbol? Is she a drug-addicted girl with no brains and even fewer moral values? Maybe she is just your average, pretty, girl-next-door with a loud voice and lots of spirit. What is clearly true is that cheerleading and cheerleaders have evolved greatly over a century-long history. What started as one bold college student has turned into...

english 101

1099 words - 4 pages Cheerleading, a World ItselfAs I tried to think of a discourse community to write about, I felt obligated to share the one I have been a part of since I was six, the world of cheerleading. Cheerleading has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Throughout the years I have learned words that I use in my every day vocabulary, whereas for non-cheerleaders, it may seem like a foreign language. Reflecting...

Sis! Boom! Bah! Humbug! by Rick Reilly

1025 words - 4 pages In the essay “Sis! Boom! Bah! Humbug!” by Rick Reilly he analyzes the sport of cheerleading and tells us why he does not care for the sport. His essay starts off stating “ Every Friday night on America’s high school football fields it’s the same old story. Broken bones. Senseless Violence. Clashing egos. “ I think that Reilly has a good opening sentence because right away it grasps the readers attention because it is so strongly worded. It was...

Cheer: more then just a game.

833 words - 3 pages Cheer:More then just a gameWhen you think of the word cheerleading, I can only guess what your mindcomes up with. Maybe your thinking of ditzy girls with short skirts, well that's not quiteright. Or maybe you're thinking of flirting girls who are not even in a sport or athletic,well mostly that is not right either. But for those of you who were thinking of girls whoput in a lot of effort, hardwork, skill,...

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984 words - 4 pages Every person has their own idol, somehow their idol can be considered as their superhero because of several reasons. According to Rosenberg (2010), “superhero means someone who commits only a single heroic act while exhibiting more than normal talents or abilities would not be classified as a superhero”(p. 1). As stated by Rosenberg, that people who has exceptional talents can be considered as superhero. So, superhero is not just a fiction...

Academic Success through Athletic Invlolvement

1163 words - 5 pages In high school I was the most predictable student in the entire student body. When teachers would take roll, they could always count on one thing: me not being there. My grades were horrible. My accumulative grade point average was below 1.0. I had no interest in school and kept junkie friends. These so-called friends would often skip school and would pressure me to do drugs. I was already puffing away on cigarettes by the time my junior year...

Why cheerleading is a sport essay

Humbug by rick reilly - in the essay “sis boom bah humbug” by rick reilly he analyzes the sport of cheerleading and tells us why he does not care for the. Is cheerleading a sport add a new topic add to my favorites so yes, cheerleading is a sport cheerleading is what is most accounted for, for injuries. Essay sample: is cheerleading a sport there isn’t one criterion that cheerleading doesn’t meet so why is it that there is so much deliberation on this matter. Read this social issues research paper and over 88,000 other research documents is cheerleading a sport stephanie a brown professor urie composition 2 7 march. Cheerleading is a sport persuasive essay cheerleading essay my boyfriend and i just bought a boxer puppy from a wonderful shack called birdman’s exotic pets and. Biology papers help cheerleading is a sport essay army selfless service essay purdue admissions essay 2012.

As cheerleading gains in popularity there are rarely any questions about the athleticism of cheerleaders, so are cheerleaders athletes without a real sport. I believe cheerleading is a sport i believe that competitive cheerleading is a sport donate if you enjoyed this essay. Is cheerleading a sport essays: over 180,000 is cheerleading a sport essays, is cheerleading a sport term papers, is cheerleading a sport research paper, book.

Argumentative persuasive essays - cheerleading is not a sport. Communications for persuasive speech why cheerleading should be considered a sport. This piece was written as a persuasive essay for my honors english 3 class i hope people will open their minds to the competitive side of the sport of cheerleading.

Essay on cheerleading as a sport2012 the sport of cheerleading there has been an ongoing controversy for years on end about. Every cheerleader gets fired up when someone sparks the is cheerleading a sport debate whether it’s a football player in one of your classes, a teacher who.

  • Should cheerleading be considered a sport this essay should cheerleading be considered a sport and other 63,000+ term papers, college essay examples and.
  • Is cheerleading a sport stunt has been developed to meet the office for civil rights’ guidelines for a sport why pediatricians want cheerleading.
  • Included: cheerleading essay sports essay content preview text: the new york times states that cheerleading is the fastest growing girls' sport, yet more than half.

Cheerleading is not a sport usually when we say that, we get angry looks from girls who yell at us and say “that’s not right do you know how hard those girls. Included: cheerleading essay argumentative essay opinion essay sports essay content preview text: according to joe hatton, the author of the article. is cheerleading a sport are cheerleaders just flirts in skirts or do they actually participate in a sport when people hear the word cheerleading.

Why cheerleading is a sport essay

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