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Photo Essay On Cats

Italy is pretty famous for its stray or “free” cats. I’ve read that there are 300,000 feral cats in Rome alone, living in over 2,000 colonies. In Rome, cats that live around the forum, Colosseum, and other ancient sites have been protected since 2001 and tourists can even visit Torre Argentina, a Roman cat sanctuary. Knowing this, it was no surprise that my daughter immediately latched on to the bounty of felines on our recent trip to Italy. A true cat lover, she immediately adopted every stray feline we ran across in Italy and enrolled them in her “Kitty Trick School.” [Seriously, she has a whole program including report cards from Kitten day care through Cat University, complete with its own quarterly newsletter.]

Whipping out her travel journal, she would record where she saw the cat, give it a name, and add it to her running tally. It reminded me of her counting perros in Spain. This was serious scientific study.

By the time we got to Capri, the Capri Cats decorative pillow that adorns my mother-in-law’s couch suddenly started to make a lot of sense.

I finally got in on the picture and started snapping cameos of the cats we would meet along our walks through Capri.Since I’ve had a crazy week between travel, snow and a sick child, I thought I’d change things up a bit and share a photo essay of the cats of Italy as a part of Photo Friday. Enjoy!


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Do your kids like to look at cats or dogs on your travels?

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