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Kansas City Fed Dissertation Internship Definition

Position Descriptions

Learn more about where your skills could fit in as an employee of the Bank. While the listed positions may not have any current openings, their descriptions can help you determine how your background and interests are reflected in a sample of jobs at the Bank.

Business Analyst

The Bank’s operations areas, call centers and technical departments require the assistance of Business Analysts. Depending on the area in which the Business Analysts are located, responsibilities can vary from being technical in nature to being project driven. Business Analysts may test new systems applications and manage system/application implementations or lead system workgroup projects and process improvement initiatives. This position generally requires a bachelor’s degree with project management and analytical experience.


The Banking Supervision, Regulation and Credit Department focuses on ensuring the safety and soundness of financial institutions and the fair and equitable treatment of consumers. Bank Examiners play a critical role in ensuring that financial institutions are complying with banking laws and regulations and are utilizing sound practices to mitigate risks. The Banking Supervision, Regulation and Credit department at the Federal Reserve hires various levels of bank examiner positions to participate in the examination of financial institutions and banking holding companies of varying size and complexity. The Federal Reserve invests heavily in the training of Banking Supervision, Regulation and Credit staff to help individuals excel in the identification of risk and analysis of supervised institutions.

Software Engineer

Our software engineers work with diverse technologies to design, build, test, and implement automated solutions for existing and new systems. Examples of technologies used include SQL Server, Oracle, J2EE, Cold Fusion, Business Objects and Lotus Notes. Positions generally require a four-year college degree and application development experience.

Information Technology Helpdesk

In our Information Technology department, we run a 24-7 national helpdesk operations supporting the Federal Reserve System. Helpdesk professionals who excel at customer service and thrive in an environment where they’re able to help employees problem solve and troubleshoot technical problems. They’re quick on their feet and able to multi-task all the while providing excellent customer service.


The Bank provides a variety of paid college internships in its operations and support areas. Internships are designed to help students learn about the Bank and its functions. While specific duties may vary, depending upon the assigned department, most internships are project-based and analytical in nature. In addition to on-the-job work experience, Bank internships also provide mentoring, networking and training opportunities to benefit students' personal and professional development.

The Bank regularly recruits for interns between November and February each year for placement at the Bank during the summer months.

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