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Personal Statement Editing Service

Why get your personal statement edited?

Because it’s probably the most important document you’ve written to date—after all, your admission into a college or university of your choice depends on it. To truly make a mark on the admissions committee, your personal statement needs to be written in impeccable language, presented well, and reflect professionalism. A professional editor with expertise in editing personal statements can ensure that the final copy meets these high standards.

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How can Editage help you with Personal Statement Editing?

We help you stand out. Our editors include professors, visiting faculty, and qualified experts who understand what it takes to craft effective personal statements. They will do away with errors that could take the evaluation committee’s focus off the substance of your personal statement; they will also enhance the language and presentation within the document to ensure that your personal statement is truly professional.


  • For applicants who have already finished their personal statement or statement of purpose drafts and would like personal statement editing or SOP editing service
  • For college/MBA/Master/Ph.D. applicants who want their essays, personal statements, or statement of purposes to be edited but retain their own voices, but be substantially improved and fluent, and who want their application documents to stand out. For those applicants who require detailed information about the university or college to which they are applying, we will conduct in-depth research about specific universities and departments and provide strategic advice by request.
  • For applicants who want an overall critique of their essay’s strengths and weaknesses.

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About the service

  • Top Admit will try to distribute your essays to editors with similar disciplinary backgrounds to your own. If there is no editor with a similar background, we will assign the editor with the highest customer ratings to you to help ensure that you receive the highest quality editing.
  • Our editors will make large-scale revisions, which will include improving sentence fluency, logic, and restructuring the essay to better express the applicant’s unique qualities. We will also help strengthen its narrative. Furthermore, an overall critique (language and ideas) and detailed commentary on your statement of purpose or personal statement will be provided. This is a unique service, unavailable through other statement of purpose editing service. You also have the option of selecting the “Track Changes” function to understand where editors made changes.
  • Please highlight paragraphs according to different schools (e.g. school uniqueness, professor teaching specialty, or consistency with your background), so that the editor can edit all at once and the fee can be combined. (Different paragraphs according to different schools )
  • Please purchase services for each substantially different essay separately. One essay prompt should be treated as one new essay.
  • Please separately purchase the services for each essay that is substantially different.
  • This service is not applicable for résumés and recommendation letters. Click here for our resume / CV editing service or recommendation letter editing service
  • Second Edit Guidelines:
    1. After we return your first edit, you can modify your essay (within 200 words) by using Track Changes for a free second edit opportunity within 7 days.
    2. The second edit is not applicable for adding additional schools, information, or complete rewrites, as the word count needs to be identical to the original service that was purchased.
    3. Second edit turnaround: 24-48 hours.

Work Process


Step 1

Register and fill in your information.

Step 3

The Top Admit editor will return the essay within the specified timeframe.

Step 4

Upload your revised essay -- if you want one additional edit.

Step 5

Case closes, and you have an opportunity to rate your editor.


Required time

48 hours is standard; there is an extra 50% charge for 24-hour service.


Words (See Right Table)Fee (USD)Word Count
0 - 300 words$ 89

MS Word 2003: Word → Tools → Word Count

MS Word 2007: Word → Review → Proofing →
301 – 600 words$ 179
601 – 900 words$ 269
901 - 1200 words$ 359
1201 - 1500 words$ 449
1501 - 2000 words$ 599
2001 - 2500 words$ 749
2501 - 3000 words$ 899
3001 - 4000 words$ 1199

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