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Each applicant is reviewed based on rigor of coursework, GPA, choice of major, essay, standardized test scores(if required), and high school transcript.  The greater the number of college credits accumulated, the more weight the college transcript will carry during the application review process.  Although it is optional, we do recommend that applicants include a resume and letters of recommendation.

» Transfer Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

Transfer Visits

Contemplating transferring into The College of New Jersey? Whether you are coming from a two-year or four-year institution, we invite you to sit in on a presentation by a Transfer Admissions Counselor and join a campus tour. TCNJ’s Transfer Information Sessions are designed to inform and assist transfers with the application process, outline application requirements, provide credit evaluation information, and answer any questions that you may have. Transfer sessions are offered during each of our Lion’s Day Open Houses and on select weekend tour dates.

» See our visit page for dates and opportunities.

Credit Evaluations

For students transferring credits to TCNJ, the institution generally accepts courses taken at the 100 or 200 level if the final grade received is a C or higher.  Please keep in mind that this is a general guideline.  For students transferring from a two-year college, TCNJ can accept a maximum of 64 credits.  For students transferring from a four-year college, TCNJ can accept a maximum of 80 credits.

Credits will be evaluated by an Academic Evaluator in the Office of Records and Registration. Evaluations only occur after an applicant has been admitted.  If you attend a New Jersey Community College, please refer to the NJTransfer website for transfer equivalencies.

» Learn more about Credit Evaluations


Apply using the Common App

You can submit the application online starting August 1st. TCNJ does not require the Common Application’s “Secondary School Final Report”.

The Common Applicaton’s “Transfer College Report” will be required for all enrolled students.

Codes: SAT CEEB: 002519 | ACT Code: 002614 | Financial Aid: 002642

Mailing Address

All paper documentation should be mailed to:
The College of New Jersey
The Office of Undergraduate Admission, Attn: Transfer Department
Trenton Hall, Room 228
PO Box 7718
Ewing, NJ 08628

* Whenever possible, it is in the best interest of the applicant to mail everything in one package.

Application Requirements

Candidates seeking formal admissions to a degree program must have earned or be in the process of earning at least twelve semester hours of college credit with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Applicants need to submit 6 required items to complete the admissions application for review. TCNJ does not provide an Admissions Interview as part of the application process.

Official High School Transcript or Equivalency

All transfer applicants are required to submit their official high school transcript.  Please have your high school transcript sent to The Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Attn: Transfer Department, directly from the high school (otherwise, they will not be considered official).  The Common Application secondary school report does not need to be submitted.  If you attended high school outside of the United States, your transcripts will need to be evaluated by a United States agency that provides foreign credentials evaluations before being sent to TCNJ.

Official College Transcript(s)

All transfer applicants are required to submit all college transcripts from every college that they have attended.  Please have all transcripts sent to The Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Attn: Transfer Department, directly from the college transcript office (otherwise, they will not be considered official). If you attended college outside of the United States, your transcripts will need to be evaluated by a United States agency that provides foreign credentials evaluations before being sent to TCNJ.

Official Test Scores

SAT or ACT scores are required for most transfer applicants. Scores must be sent from an official testing agency or printed on an official school transcript.

Transfer applicants are exempt from the Standardized Test requirements if they meet one of the following by the application deadline:

  • Graduated from high school five years ago or more
  • Earned 45 credits or more from another institution

TCNJ superscores the SAT.  However, we will not combine scores between the new SAT and the old SAT.  For the ACT, we will use your best composite score.

Our Codes: SAT CEEB: 002519 | ACT Code: 002614
TCNJ does not use the Writing sections of the SAT or ACT.  SAT II Subject Tests are NOT required.


The Common Application essay is the official essay used in the evaluation process.  We also require two short answer questions found in the Writing section of the “My Colleges” tab on Common App.

Transfer College Report

TCNJ requires the Transfer College Report for every student.  A PDF file of this form can be found in the Recommenders + FERPA section under the “My Colleges” tab on Common App.  The form cannot be submitted electronically.  Print the offline form and take it to the official(s) at your current college who are able to report on your academic and disciplinary standing.  Mail the completed form to the address above.

$75 Application Fee

There are two methods of making your non-refundable payment:

  • Submit payment through the Common Application
  • To pay by check or money order, mail payment to TCNJ’s address below.  Please include “Attention:  Transfer Department” on the envelope.  You must select “Fee Waiver” on the Common App in order to bypass the payment screen and submit your application.
  • There are no fee waivers available for transfer students.  If paying the fee constitutes a significant economic hardship for you and your family, please contact the Office of Admissions at 609.771.2131.

Academic Major

Students must declare an official TCNJ program of study on our school’s Common Application Member Form, which can ONLY be submitted on-line when completing the Common Application. You cannot apply “undecided” to TCNJ.

Transfer Mid-Term Report (Required for first semester college students)

TCNJ requires the Transfer Mid-Term Report for students in their first semester at college.  A PDF file of this form can be found in the Recommenders + FERPA section under the “My Colleges” tab on Common App.  The form cannot be submitted electronically.  Print the offline form and take it to the instructor(s) at your current college who are able to report on your current academic grades.  Mail the completed form to the address above.

Recommendations (not required)

TCNJ strongly encourages transfer applicants to submit between one and three letters of recommendation. When submitting letters of recommendation it is not necessary to use The Common Application Teacher Evaluation form, College Official form, or the Secondary School final report.  It is preferred that recommendations for transfer students come from college instructors, college advisors, or other college officials. If these are unobtainable, recommendations from high school teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, employers, or extracurricular advisors may also be submitted.

Resume (not required)

In addition to filling out the activities list on The Common Application, applicants are encouraged to mail in an Activity Resume to detail involvement in clubs and organizations, employment, internships, volunteering, education, etc.

Additional Program Requirements

Art, Education, Music

Admissions Interview (not provided)

TCNJ does not provide an Admissions Interview as part of the application process.

Application Deadlines

Fall Admission

  • Application Deadline:  February 15 (Extended to March 1)
  • Supporting documents include transcripts, test scores, College Report, and any optional documents: March 1
  • Notification of Decision: April 1

Spring Admission

  • Application Deadline: October 15
  • Supporting Documents Deadline: November 15
  • Notification of Decision: December 15

Other Deadlines

Music applicants must complete their audition by November 15th for Spring Admission or February 24th for Fall Admission

Visual Arts and Art Education applicants must submit their portfolio for departmental review by November 1st for Spring Admission or February 15th for Fall Admission

Nursing and Special Education applicants: TCNJ will not accept Spring Transfers for either the Nursing or Special Education majors.

  • Application Deadline:  February 15
  • Supporting Documents Deadline: March 1

Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Assistance website provides information about Sources of Financial Aid for Transfer Students

The only form you need to submit in order to apply for state and/or federal aid is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You must list “The College of New Jersey” as a recipient and write TCNJ’s school code number (002642) on your FAFSA.

There are two options for filing the FAFSA:

  • File electronically over the Internet, which is the quickest and most efficient process, via the Financial Assistance Web site.
  • Complete the paper version of the FAFSA, which can usually be obtained from your high school or college or by calling 800-4-FED-AID.

New Jersey Community Colleges Scholarship

The College of New Jersey is proud to offer merit scholarships to a select group of outstanding transfer students entering in the Fall semester.  The Admissions Office will identify students who may be eligible for this scholarship using the information provided in the student’s application.  Those who meet the eligibility requirements will be sent an application and encouraged to apply.  In order to be eligible, the student must be attending a New Jersey Community College with a minimum GPA of 3.75.  The student must also be completing an AA or AS before attending TCNJ and be a US citizen or Permanent Resident.  The Admissions Committee will determine the recipients based on the student’s admissions materials and scholarship application.

Students who are selected for this highly competitive scholarship will be awarded $3,000 per year for two years.  If you have any questions about the New Jersey Community Colleges Scholarship, please contact the Admissions Office at 609.771.2131.

Second or Additional Bachelor’s Degrees

Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree, from either The College of New Jersey or another institution, may apply for a second baccalaureate degree. They should follow the procedures for transfer students when applying.

The following policies apply to second degree students:

  1. Students must earn a minimum of 12 course units in addition to any units already earned as part of the first bachelor’s degree.
  2. All requirements for the new major must be completed.
  3. This policy does not authorize the granting of two baccalaureate degrees simultaneously, since students have the option of taking a dual major.

The College of New Jersey values undergraduate transfer students from both two-year and four-year institutions. The applicant pool for transfer applicants is very competitive. To be eligible to apply as a transfer, an applicant must have earned or be in the process of earning at least 12 college credits with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Students seeking admission to some of the more competitive programs may require a higher GPA.

I. Online Application

Apply online through the Office of Graduate Studies. If internet access is not available, a paper form may be requested by emailing graduate@tcnj.edu.

Additional information can be found at the Office of Graduate Studies or view application deadlines. 

II. Supplemental Materials

All supplemental materials should be mailed to:

The College of New Jersey
Office of Graduate Studies
Trenton Hall, Room 109
2000 Pennington Road
Ewing, NJ 08628 USA

III. Application Fee

  • The application fee is $75 (waived for students formerly enrolled at TCNJ).
  • Checks or money orders with the applicant’s name printed on the front are payable to “The College of New Jersey.” Do not send cash. Payment will not be accepted by instructors on-site.
  • Applications cannot be reviewed without payment of this fee, which is non-refundable.

IV. Transcripts

  • An official transcript is required from each college you have attended other than TCNJ.
  • If your transcripts will be sent under a different last name (i.e. a maiden name), please inform The Office of Graduate Studies by e-mail at graduate@tcnj.edu.
  • Transcripts are accepted as official when they are received in their original sealed envelope.  Transcripts stamped as “Issued to Student” cannot be accepted as official.
  • Students who attended a non-U.S. institution must have all educational documents evaluated by an accredited agency. For a list of accredited agencies, click here.

V. Recommendations

  • Please provide a recommendation form to two individuals who can evaluate your academic performance, relevant work experience, and/or ability to pursue graduate study.
  • Each recommender should mail the form directly to TCNJ or email a PDF to graduate@tcnj.edu.

VI. Student Essay

  • Applicants must write a 1-2 page personal statement expressing professional goals, what they bring to international education, and reasons for wanting to enroll as a graduate student at TCNJ.
  • The essay may be included with the supplemental documents noted above, uploaded through the online application, or emailed to graduate@tcnj.edu as an attachment.

VII. Standardized Test Scores

EFFECTIVE FALL 2015, all candidates applying for an initial teacher certification must submit ONE of the following:

  • International applicants must also take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) if their native language is not English.
  • All test scores should be sent to The College of New Jersey (Code #R2519).
  • Plan to take the exam at least 2-3 weeks before the deadline.
  • If you meet certain criteria, you may be eligible for a waiver. View Graduate Admission Testing and Waiver Information PDF

VIII. Resume/CV

  • Resume/CV may be uploaded through the online application.

IX. Copy of Teacher Certification

  • Required for admission to programs leading to principal licensure only.

Information for certificate students moving on to the Master’s program:

If you have already completed your certificate program and are planning on continuing to the Master’s program, you will need to complete an application. To complete an application for the MEd, visit http://graduate.tcnj.edu/ and click the “Apply Now” button. Do not create a new account. Instead, you should login to the application account you created when you applied for matriculation into the certificate program. Then, start a new application for the Master’s program. Your login for the application account is not the same as your PAWS login. If you forget your password for the application account, you can enter the e-mail address that you used to open that account, click Forgot Password, and the system will e-mail you a new password. In completing the MEd application, please note that you will not need to submit an application fee, nor will you need to provide additional supplemental documents.

If you have any questions, please contact graduate studies graduate@tcnj.edu

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