Strayer University Late Assignment Policy

Original review: Feb. 11, 2018

I am very disgusted with Strayer University. I thought that it was going to be a great college to go to. First I want to know how two classes that I took there cost $6,955. That is totally ridiculous and unrealistic. Now the thing that really gets my blood boiling is that I apply for financial aid and I was expecting to get my financial aid paid for my classes that I was taking.

Instead of telling me like a professional person would, "You're not going to be able to get your money to pay for these classes. You should wait until your financial aid can help you" they put me in those 2 classes knowing that it wasn't going to be paid for and now they're telling me that I have to pay them $6,955 when they knew my classes were not being paid for it. I think they are the most scam college that I ever attended and I will never ever recommend this college to anybody if you ever see this college or ever see any advertisements don't even answer because all they want is the money and they scam me but I'm not paying them anything and I'm taking legal action against Strayer University.

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COURSE INFORMATION ASSIGNMENT DUE DATES Week Assignments Due Date 1 Class discussions June 27th 2 Quiz 1 Chapter 1 and 2, threaded discussions, July 10th; 11:59pm EST 3 Quiz 2, Chapters 3 and 4 threaded discussions July 17 th ; 11:59pm EST 4 Quiz 3, Chapter 5 class discussions, Assignment 1 (Report on Relig. Life on Planet Earth) July 24 th ; 11:59pm EST 5 Quiz 4, Chapter 6 Threaded discussions July 31 th ; 11:59pm EST 6 Quiz 5, Chapter 7 Threaded D Submit choice for Assignment 2 August 7 11:59pm EST 7 Quiz 6, Chapter 8 August 14 11:59pm EST 8 Quiz 7 Chapter 9 August 21 11:59pm EST 9 Quiz 8 Chapter 10 August 28 11:59pm EST 10 Quiz 9 Chapter 11; class discussions; Assignment 2 (Report on Religious Field Research) Sept 4 11:59pm EST 11 Quiz 10 Chapters 12 and 13 *Note date SAT September 17 th 11:59 EST ASSIGNMENTS GRADING SCALE – PERCENTAGES AND POINTS Assignment Total Points % of Grade Quizzes (open book with a 1 hour time limit per chapter) (13 chapters, 10 questions each, worth 2 points apiece) 260 36% Assignment 1: Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth 120 17% Assignment 2: Report on Religious Field Research 120 17% Participation (22 discussions, worth 10 points apiece) 220 30% Totals 720 100% FINAL GRADE POINT SYSTEM Points Percentage Grade 648 – 720 90% – 100% A 576 – 647 80% – 89% B 504 – 575 70% – 79% C 432 – 503 60% – 69% D Below 432 Below 60% F GRADEBOOK POSTING Strayer University policy is that grades must be posted in the grade book no more than 7 days after THE DUE DATE for any given graded assignment. Typically, grades will be posted earlier than these dates,

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