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French Essay Mon Amie Salon


111 Cajon St
Redlands, CA92373
(909) 335-1515

Brooke cut my hair for the first time today. I have fine limp hair that was really grown out of any shape. She gave me a cool short cut that I really love. Have felt awesome all day. Thanks Brooke.

I am a fan -- Aly at Mon Amie is extremely talented, patient AND accommodating. I couldn't boast a higher recommendation. In full agreement with the other raving reviews on here, I'm giving Aly at Mon Amie 5 stars for: 1. Being a talented stylist; 2. Amazing customer service; 3. Great listener; 4. Overall, nice, clean, salon. Location. Mon Amie is next to the Old Movie Theater across from City Hall. It's a little hidden and there's only street parking. Nice ambiance. The salon has an industrial chic flare, is clean and very welcoming. They offer a wide array of products, including my two favorites: Unite and Paul Mitchell awapuhi shampoo and conditioner (it's the sudsiest sulfate-free shampoo on the market and makes my color-treated hair feel so soft and shiny!). Great listener. I brought in pictures of my past haircut that another stylist out of state did and Aly was able to recreate it beautifully. I also brought in pictures of the color I wanted my hair to look and Aly did a good job of managing my expectations. She explained her technique to me in advance, any limitations associated with what I wanted and took time to thoroughly ensure that we were both on the same page. Talented stylist. I like layers in my hair but also like it long. I don't like when the layers are choppy or thinned out like I have extensions (which I do not). Aly did a really great job of bringing my vision to life. Aly also lightened my hair and got it to the lighter color that I wanted. I absolutely love the color of my hair with its caramel highlights and low-lights, blended in for depth and dimension. Note: if you are looking at my before and after pictures, it is a result of two bayalage sessions incorporating low-lights into it. Therefore, if you are expecting as dramatic of results as I got, be prepared to pay the cost of a haircut plus two color treatments. Amazing customer service. On the first day, I didn't think my hair was light enough and it appeared some of the painted sections were too chunky. Aly took the time and had the patience to redo it on the spot to ensure that I was completely satisfied. I had to leave before Aly was done and she had no qualms with me coming back the following morning to polish off my haircut and style my hair. THAT is truly stellar service! On top of that, I still wanted my hair lighter but have a right schedule so Aly came in on her day off. Aly is truly willing to go above and beyond to ensure that her clients are completely satisfied with her work product. Ultimately, you get everything you pay for and more by having Aly as your stylist. She has such a great personality and demeanor, it is absolutely delightful to have my hair entrust Aly with my hair. She listens and will give you honest feedback. After two balayage sessions, my hair still feels so soft and silky, not brittle or dry at all. I highly recommend Aly -- my amazing hair is a testament to Aly's amazing talent.

I love my hair! I got a lob haircut and toner. Clare is certainly my new go to. She refreshed my look and definitely knows a lot about hair. The pricing is reasonable, but their quality of work is on point. Can't wait to see her again for my balayage highlights! I highly recommend this salon and Clare!

I was in desperate need of a touch-up - my last ombre job was six or so months ago - as my roots had grown in and my hair didn't have much depth to it. I made a last-minute appointment with Clare, and I'm so glad I did. Clare is a miracle worker. I told her what I wanted, and she made it happen - even better than I had expected or hoped. She touched up my roots and then spent a lot of time making sure the rest of my hair was blended by highlighting here and there. She answered my questions and addressed my concerns and she was careful, methodical, and attentive while working. I'm thrilled with the results. I've gotten nothing but glowing comments from friends and family. Clare is definitely my go-to girl from here on out!

Called for an appointment with Aly, arrived at the appointment on time and was told they had scheduled my sister and mother for a different stylist named Jackie. Based on a previous great experience with Aly, we didnt hesitate in agreeing with the new stylist. Turns out this was going to be a terrible choice. We had reference pictures on our phones on what hairstyles we had wanted, she glanced at them and said okay. When we were mentioning how we wanted it done, she would give you an exasperated look. I thought stylists are supposed to listen to their clients request and recommend ideas? She seemed to be in her own world where the customer's opinion didn't matter. Instead of getting layered cuts, she cut them straight. The results were nothing like what we had requested. $125, plus 25 tip was not worth it. We ended up going to another salon to get new haircuts. If you do get your haircut here, make sure you don't get scheduled with Jackie; unless you want the following in one whole package: a haircut you don't like, a ditz that seems to think she's too good to work in a salon, and going to a second salon to get your botched haircut fixed.

Brooke gave me a great haircut, yesterday! I have fine, limp hair that need lots of layering. Most stylists don't take the time to work with my preferred cut, but Brooke was patient & focused. Her rate is very fair, too. I don't have to take out a loan to afford a haircut! I am so happy to have found her!

Just had my haircut with Brooke today! I came in pretty sleepy from work, so I was a bit of a zombie. But I told her what I wanted, got some helpful input from her, and she started cutting. She let me relax in silence until the sleepiness passed and then we chatted. Brooke was really fun and easy to talk with, and I felt like she was focused on the details while cutting my hair. Just like that, my hair was cut, styled and perfect. Everything I wanted, but better. Easy. Detailed. Reasonably priced. Amazing haircut. Perceptive hair specialist. I don't know what more you people want. Coming back next time I need my hair cut. Thanks Brooke and Ariel!

Brooke did an amazing job on my hair! I love it so much. I got balayage and got exactly what I wanted! I went back to Brooke and she made my hair absolutely gorgeous. The dye job was amazing, styled perfectly, never disappointed. Got a lot of compliments. I've been to other stylist and none has don't justice as Brooke has.

I booked an appointment online with the next available stylist. It just so happened to be with Brooke and I'm glad it turned out that way. I went for a touch up on my highlights. I briefly explained what I wanted and she got right to work. She did a beautiful job! She was patient, did not rush through it, took her time applying tons of foils to my hair. She put highlights in all the areas that were bugging me and my hair turned out beautiful. Will definitely be going to her again.

I have been a client of Crystal for almost four years. Recently she move to Mon Amie. I have been happy to follow her there. The salon is spacious, well managed and attractive. Crystal, of course, is my 5 star attraction there. She is professional, caring, and provides me with a man's grooming that is top drawer. I look forward to each appointment and having my hair be cut and styled the way I like it.

I gave two stars because I actually did have a good experience my first time. However, I got a haircut on September 6 with Melissa Casey. I have never had a haircut experience like this one before and I left in tears. She charged me $50 for a haircut that was nothing like I asked her. I provided her with 2 pictures of how short I wanted it, layered, texturized, and styled. And the only thing she got right was the length. What made it worse was how she curled it. She said she was using a wand but she was actually using a curling iron when I turned around at the end. She gave me these big curls at the bottom that looked like George Washington curls and looked nothing like loose wavy curls. The next day I got it fixed by another stylist and the stylist was confused herself as to what was done with my hair. She said Melissa had made one straight cut to begin a layer and decided to stop and left it. The left and right side were also uneven but at least she got the length of my hair right and the blunt cut. I wish she was more honest about not knowing how to cut hair. It wasn't a hard cut at all. I wish I hadn't spent so much money on a terrible cut that led me to paying more money to get it fixed. My first time getting a cut from this salon was honestly good and I didn't event pay $50. It was $35 and I was so happy about the results. I have such a bad experience from this recent haircut but I know it's not the entire salon but just one hairdresser to blame.

New to the area and scheduled an appt with Aly but was a bit nervous due to some of the other reviews. But she was available at a time that was convenient for me and charged significantly less than another Redlands stylist which made me take the jump. I tried to communicate what I wanted but was worried I communicated ineffectively. In the end, I was truly amazed. She gave me the best color/highlights/blend that I've ever had and I asked her how she knew what I wanted! She said she reads minds! Hahaha. Well, she def nailed what I had envisioned. Very pleased with color and the cost. Her color, cut AND tip cost less than color ONLY from my last stylist! Yessss!!!

Loved this salon from the time I first walked in, greeted friendly, sat at comfortable waiting area with magazines and nice selection of drinks. I can't say enough nice things about Maria! She was so easy to talk to. She did not judge what I wanted, made everything I asked for sound possible (I asked for something easy, something I could hop out of the shower with and would still look good!)..and she accomplished everything I asked for..and then some! My hair looks and feels great! Just the "mommy make over" I needed! Thank you! I will definitely be back.

I have been going to La Vang for years. She is an expert on all types of blonde shades and always knows the exact look I want!

I see Jen here and she's amazing! I had virgin hair when I came to her but wanted to try balayage. The color looks so great and when I asked her to trim it she really did just trim it, not chop it, which was great because I've been trying to grow it out. I recently had hair extensions put in by Jen and I'm in love! She did such a great job and matched the colors perfectly, it looks great! I'd highly recommend Jen! You can trust her to take good care of your hair and she won't do anything you don't want done to it!

I recently moved to Redlands and I am Glad I found this salon. Jennifer did a great job on my hair. The color is beautiful! Unfortunately, the price was more than I am accustomed to paying: $120 for a cut and color. The staff was friendly. Overall, it was a good experience. :)

Jen is amazing, super sweet and kills it I love this salon I had virgin hair and I talked with Jen prier to making my decision about doing balayage and she made me feel very confident, I am extremely in love with my new color thank you so much Jen!!!

I can't begin to tell you how much I loved this experience! Maria was so great! She was determined to make sure my hair turned out exactly like I wanted it! Even though she wasn't feeling well, she went above and beyond to get it just right and didn't call it quits until she was sure it was the right color. I am so happy with the cut, color, and phenomenal customer service! My goal was a dusty rose gold and I think we got it! it!!!

I came today not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with my hair. I just really wanted something different and Maria helped me achieve the perfect hair color!!! Thanks Maria!! Got a full color treatment and wash and blow dry(style). Loved the environment too!

Brooke is great. The salon is located in downtown Redlands which is easy to access and fun to shop. Price is comparable. Service is excellent.

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